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Part 13: .5

Eddy-Baby posted:

Dynamo has passable marksmanship and decent mechanical skills, so I find he's pretty useful as a second line trooper, repairing stuff. Of course, you have Gasket for that, but Dynamo is pretty decent for his price.

As for Shank, he is pretty much a waste of flesh after you've taken him to Estoni. But I always do that, at least. Estoni is a pretty useful forward base once you can refuel the helicopter there.

That's a good point, I forgot about refueling the helicopter at Estoni. As for Dynamo, bleh, I can't be bothered to train anyone else up at this point. Gasket can repair things pretty much just by touching them, so I don't really need a mechanic either. Better to kill him and let his family go wanting.

Just a quick update to demonstrate some interesting things you can do south of Tixa:

The first is that you can purchase a Hummer just to the west of Balime in sector L10, if you can spare $10,000. Since I have $1.5 million, I thought the outlay was acceptable.

Uh, perhaps you haven't heard of the Suzuki G13b. 1.3L? 75hp? Rev limit of 5800 RPM? 20.2 second quarter mile time in a Swift? Yeah, I thought so

The Hummer is pretty much the same as the ice cream truck, as far as I know, but it's hard to get the ice cream truck into the southern part of the map, what with Deidranna's squads everywhere. I forgot to point this out earlier, but vehicles have inventories in 1.13:

If you follow the road from Balime to Meduna, you come across an interesting sight in sector N7:

"Yeah, I own the same car as Arnie. What of it?"

Namely, one of Deidranna's forward bases. However, this one is a little bit special:

Holy shit

Known as the 'LAW cache,' this sector is supposed to give you enough firepower to level Meduna. We'll see exactly what you'll need all these LAWs for soon enough, but I like to get these early and transfer them all to Drassen, just in case.

Some stat updates, just for kicks:

And the now-deceased Dynamo: