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Part 16: .5

GuavaMoment was asking about sending flowers to Deidranna. Now, it would be entirely out of character for Dagny to purchase something as insipid as a gift for anyone, so I'll just show you what happens when you send her flowers.

The flower-sending screen is accessed through the funeral services page. You have to send them to Meduna, of course. Funnily enough, Metavira, the setting of the first JA, is available as a possible destination.

Then, when she gets them...

Oh Elliot, you are the author of your own doom

So it's just a little joke, as you can see. Haha!

Should be an update over the weekend, as usual.

Some Internet Guy posted:

Oh, hey, I've been getting an incredibly fucking obnoxious bug where after the very first battle my inventory locks and I can't seem to move stuff around in it. Or select the fourth man on my team from the HUD. Or quit normally. It's happened three times now, although my first game I had no problem doing anything. The 1.13 site doesn't list it as a known bug but their site is a fucking mess, and people here seem to know their shit. Is this a feature I'm running afoul of, like a poorly-documented hotkey or something I'm hitting by accident, or am I just screwed, or what?

Never seen this bug. That's really weird. Are you playing from some downloaded version, or from the CDs? I've heard the Gametap version has problems.