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James Pond 2: Codename Robocod

by Proteus4994

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Original Thread: "I thought Christmas only comes once a year." - James Pond 2



No, wait, that doesn't quite do it justice.

That almost begins to do it justice.

Goofy huge-tongued snakes!

Mystery surprise boxes!

Stuffed penguins that control the activation of barber poles!

Giant cake headed robots!

And that's just the first level!

James Pond 2 was put out by Electronic Arts waaaaaay back when in the days of the Genesis. The box art above is from the Mega Drive version (not sure if it's any different). It apparently just got a re-release for the GBA, so everyone can enjoy the sheer insanity of this game. I'm flying solo on this game, because there's no way to save your progress outside of save states, and save states don't transfer well in Kaillera (if there's a Genesis emulator that supports save state transfer in netplay like ZSNES does, please let me know).

There's nothing much to say about this game, other than the plot is that you're a cybernetically enhanced cod whose task is to rescue Santa from his workshop, where he's being held by a gigantic snowman. If that doesn't peak your interest, I don't know what possibly could. The graphics are fun and cartoony, and the levels are pretty insanely designed. I don't know what the programmers were on when they made this game, but knowing Electronic Arts' work practices, it was probably lots of whipping and sleep deprivation.

[technical notes]
The first video has some pretty overbearing music. I apologize for that. It's better in the second video, and will be MUCH better in all forthcoming videos (3 and 4 are already recorded, and I turned the music down a lot for those). Also, the first video is the boring introduction stuff, so please stick around for the second and third videos before deciding this sucks. I start having fun with the commentary around then.
[/technical notes]


Sports, Animal, and First Boss stages
Candy Stage
Vehicle Stage and Second Boss
Bath Stage
Game Stage and Third Boss
Christmas Stage
MORE SECRETS!!!!!! (Part One)
MORE SECRETS!!!!!! (Part Two)
Music Stage and Fourth Boss
Circus Stage and Final Boss
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