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Original Thread: My arm has no bones! Let's Play Jurassic Park: Trespasser


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Video Links (YouTube playlist):

History of Trespasser YouTube
Trespasser LP Intro YouTube

Level 1 - The Beach YouTube
The Beach 60sec recap YouTube

Level 2: The Jungle Road YouTube
The Jungle Road 60sec Recap YouTube

Level 3: The Industrial Jungle YouTube
The Industrial Jungle 60sec recap YouTube

Level 4: The Town YouTube
The Town 60sec recap YouTube

Level 5: The Lab YouTube
The Lab 60sec recap YouTube

Level 6: The Ascent part 1 YouTube
The Ascent part 1 60sec recap YouTube

Level 7: The Ascent part 2 YouTube
The Ascent part 2 60sec recap YouTube

Level 8: The Summit YouTube
Trespasser Recap YouTube

Game Info:
What's the deal here? We are going to play Trespasser, a Jurassic Park FPS known best for three things:

-Allowing you to use items in the environment as weapons.

-Numerous graphical bugs.

-And an unusual health display system.

What the heck are we doing? In this LP we will be examining each of the 8 levels of Trespasser and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the game as we go on. The game is infamous for its bugs, both regular and physics-based so expect to see some glitching. I will be playing each level start to finish and providing relevant commentary in a video to be posted in each update. In addition, there will be a 60 second recap video for the ADD kids out there who don't have time for the regular vid. Just so everyone knows what the deal is, this intro should give you an idea of what's going on.

Trespasser LP Intro

Tell me about Trespasser: We are going to travel back in time to late 1998 when the most anticipated game of the year, Trespasser was released. It crashed like a lead balloon and left a legacy of how not to make an FPS. Trespasser reached for the moon and fell short, but deserves to be remembered for the attempt. For a whole lot of info, I direct your attention to this:

History of Trespasser

Trespasser Postmortem at Gamasutra


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