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Part 2: First Day at Department P

Update 1 – First Day at Department P

4:00 PM

Looks like Rukov isn't too happy with his new job.

Let's check out our new office. We'll be working in the same office as Belov and someone named Shevkova.

They packed us in here like sardines. I miss the GRU already.

Inspect the book
“The Soviet constitution” and “Why our constitution is the best”.

Inspect the dossiers
Case files. A lot of paper signifying little.

Inspect the portrait
F.E. Dzerzhinski

Use our typewriter
Testing the keyboard, you notice that the uppercase “T” is weak.

Well, I guess this is my new life. A desk job. My father would be ashamed.

Suddenly, Rukov's father appears in a grainy FMV.

If you ever need help, my son, just think of me.
If you ever have a hallucination of your dead father, the best thing to do is to ask him for advice.

At any time, we can ask our father, Mikhail Rukov, for hints through the inventory screen. Sometimes he tells us something useful. Mostly he just tells us to piss off.

Video – Dad generic dialogue

And so your career begins, Max. Allow me to offer one piece of advice: talk to everyone; trust no one.
Talk to everyone. Got it.

Let's begin by talking to our coworker, Belov.

Inpsect Belov
He conforms to leninist norms.

What a superb office you have comrade.

Not sure what that means, but okay.
Reporting on a mission successfully completed, comrade?

A bit touchy. I'm not sure I like Belov.
A pity we have no female colleagues here.

Have yourself examined.
I mean, of course not! Just diligently anti-sexist, as current thinking exhorts.
Have confidence in the Party's forward-looking decisions.
What a pretentious Party hack.
A pity this office is so small.

My apologies, comrade. I'm not yet used to new conditions.

Pity Vovlov is keeping me waiting so long.

Not if they're correct, comrade.
Beware subversive foot-dragging!
Worthless pen-pusher! While I was out fighting for my country, Belov was here sucking up to his superiors!

Let's try asking Belov some questions about the place.

Ask about...Belov
I am the modest son of honest parents, both shockworkers of Soviet toil!

Ask about...your other colleagues
I have no reason to doubt the Party's far-sightedness in assigning comrade lieutenant Shevkova to her position.

Talk about...Shevkova
She often works with comrade colonel Galushkin, who appreciates her outstanding qualities and desire to give satisfaction at all levels.
Apparently I do have a female colleague. I'm not sure why Belov didn't mention her before.

Ask about...Vovlov
Comrade major Vovlov is an exemplary officer and new-thinking toiler!

Ask about...Galushkin
Comrade colonel Galushkin is an inspirational leader and did his internationalist duty, aiding our Afghan comrades.

Well, that's enough out of him. I'll go wait in the hallway.

There's more potential dialogue options with Belov. I'll be showing those off in a bonus update.

Inspect the statue
An astonishingly inspirational example of Soviet art work.

Inspect the guard
Rigid, loyal, and disciplined.

He looks friendlier than Belov. Maybe he's worth talking to.

Stand at ease.

The guard stands even more stiffly than before.

What is your name, comrade?
Lyalin, comrade captain.
You heard the one about Gorbachev standing the bread queue?
Yes, comrade captain!
You heard the one about Gorbachev in the gulag?
Yes, comrade captain!
Damn, he's heard all the good ones.
How's the nightlife here in Moscow?
I am not at liberty to engage in conversations, comrade captain.
Well, he was a bit boring. I guess I'll just have to wait a while.


Goddamn toady.

Damn it. Lost track of time.

Go at once to the office of Pyotr Deisovich Golitsin, at Red October Street, 17. Golitsin, whose body was fished out of the river this morning, was a so-called private detective. The militia was forced to call us in because he was, until a few years ago, a KGB officer. Our duty is simply to ensure his death has no state security implications.
First day on the job and I'm already investigating a probable murder. A little more exciting than I thought it would be.
Check his office for anything of interest to us. Give me your report by 6 pm. Waste no time on this routine task, comrade. I want no complaints from the militia about KGB heavy-handedness.

I shall spare no efforts!

Let's take a look around Vovlov's office.

So much for Soviet efficiency. Still, maybe he deserves all this extra space.

Inspect Vovlov
A stern and unforgiving-looking martinet.

He reminds me of one of my superiors back in Spetsnaz. He was a real hardass, but a good leader. Maybe Vovlov will be the same way.

Inspect the books
A selection of works on approved attitudes to art and a couple of volumes concerning the role of the KGB in a free enterprise society.

Times are changing. I doubt the KGB will be able to keep up.

Inspect the clock
It gives the right time twice every 24 hours.

Inspect the table
There are a couple of uninteresting Party magazines on the table. They don't appear to have been read by many people.

Looks like they're just for show.

Inspect the picture
Peaceful landscape.

Well, we've stood around gawking long enough. Let's gather a little more information before we leave.

Before I go, can you tell me more about Golitsin?
He preferred spying on unfaithful wives to serving the Soviet Union. Such parasites will not be missed by the Party or the state.

Looks like Vovlov won't be shedding too many tears for Golitsin. I guess he really hates private detectives.


Let's take a look at our inventory, shall we?

Inspect the rubles
Soviet currency. You have in your position 90 rubles.

Inspect the photo
Your late parents.

They died in a car bombing in Dushanbe when I was a teenager. I keep this to remember them.

Inspect the key
Your apartment key.

Inspect the ID card
This is your KGB identity card.

Inspect the pistol
Makarov pistol.

Well, that's everything. I'll go to the equipment room and see if I can get anything more.

Inspect the timetable
Who has to bring back what and when

Inspect the computer
A recent western model
Inspect the book

Directives concerning the issuing of material. For internal use.

Inspect the sergeant
An amiable fellow.

Looks like he's the Q to Vovlov's M.

Everything in order?
Yes, comrade captain!
Vigilance at all times!
Yes, comrade captain!

Ask for...his name
Guzenko, comrade captain.

Ask for...available equipment

Your current clearance profile and mission profile entitle you to nothing more than your service pistol, comrade captain. My orders are to remind you that use of firearms is to be strictly limited to cases of extreme necessity and will be subject to forthright investigation!

Ask for...some equipment, unofficially
Those are not my orders, comrade captain.
Can I at least get a cigarette?

I'll bear that in mind, comrade.

Before I head to Golitsin's office, I'll make a stop at my Uncle Vanya's. Maybe he has some advice.