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KGB aka Conspiracy

by red mammoth, Xander77

Part 3: Update 1 Bonus

Update 1b - Bonus


Talk about...Perestroika

Unfortunately held back by conservative foot-draggers!

Let us act with Party thought in a free market context.
Be unstinting in service to the Party! It needs us more than ever!

Talk about...Moscow nightlife

Rotten apples must be removed, stamped on like cockroaches!
Honest citizens sleep soundly, comrade! We are the guardians of their security, guarding them from hooligan mafia black-marketeer elements!
Yes, but where do honest workers go for a good time?
Beware decadent pleasure-seeking!
I unreservedly agree, comrade!

Talk about...the role of the elderly
That topic will be fully discussed at our next Party social progress meeting, comrade. Until then, I suggest we content ourselves with matters in hand.

Talk about...the weather

Glory to our market-oriented comrades in the agricultural complex!
Soviet planning and new thinking are pathways to fully stunning progress!
I hope it's sunny for my black sea vacation!
Beware decadent pleasure-seeking!
That is old thinking, comrade!


I thought it originated in the west.
Exploitationist propaganda! Soviet history has revealed the truth.
Truth must submit to the rigours of new thinking! The Party is changing!
Let us act with Party thought in a free market context.

Talk about...Moscow girls

I like girls who enjoy a good time though.
Beware decadent pleasure-seeking!
Fraternization accords with current Party marketing strategy, comrade.
That is true, comrade.

Talk about...current Party thinking
All must be rigorously debated and wholeheartedly approved!

Ask for...a cigarette
The unparalleled Soviet health budget is not to be squandered on treating self-inflicted diseases, comrade!

Say something twice to him:
We have already discussed this, comrade. Beware senile pre-schizophrenia!

Let's try calling Belov.

Guess who!


Talk about...Perestroika

So long as social cohesion is maintained!
As you say!

Talk about...the role of the elderly


Even our diligent heroes cannot overcome subversion by capitalist lackey referees!
I unreservedly agree, comrade!

Talk about...the younger generation
They're perhaps too pampered, comrade.
That is old thinking, comrade!
My apologies, comrade. I'm not yet used to new conditions.

Nice soft job you've got here, comrade!

Ask about...his limp

Fellow war veteran, eh? Guess he's earned that 'soft job'.
You should have some music to keep you company here!
I had, comrade captain, but comrade major Vovlov dutifully pointed out the dangers of unproductive pleasure-seeking!