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Part 6: Golitsin's Last Words

Update 3 – Golitsin's Last Words

Captain Rukov. KGB.

You will be told in good time, comrade.

Inspect Golitsin's sister
She appears to be undecided about something.

She looks confused. I would be, too.

If you are honest, you have nothing to fear.
I understand, comrade.

Ask for...her papers

Everything looks in order. Nothing suspicious here.
Why have you come here this afternoon?

For any particular reason?
He left a note in my letter-box, asking me to come, comrade.
Why aren't you at work?
I finish early on fridays, comrade.
May I have the note your brother gave you?
I left it at home. I'm sorry, comrade.
What did the note say?
It said I was to come here after my work. That's all. I don't know why. My brother's activities do not concern me.

Very confusing for you, comrade. Tell me about your brother.

A mysterious character, your brother.

Well, I've put it off long enough. Time to tell her.

I'm sorry to say that your brother is dead, comrade.

His corpse was discovered floating in the river.

That's what I'm trying to find out.
I know nothing at all about it. Believe me.
I believe her.
Sit down if you like.
Thank you.

Inspect Irina
She is mastering her distress.

Thank you for your time comrade. You may leave now.
Please, comrade, you should have this. Pyotr left it in my letter box.

Goodbye, comrade.

We search Golitsin's desk, because we forgot to do that earlier.

Thanks to my meeting with her, I missed the chance to track down that spy. Oh well. At least this tape should have something of interest.

Inspect the cassette
A 30-minute audio cassette.

We try and insert the tape into the recorder, but...

It's always something, isn't it? Let's see. What around here might have batteries?

Inspect the radio
A Soviet consumer product. You found a set of batteries.
Inspect the batteries
As fine a set of batteries as you could wish to see.

That was easy enough. Time to play the tape.

Romeo has finally fixed me a meeting with his boss "Hollywood" for tomorrow 8 pm, Enthusiastic Progress Club. Romeo won't be present, so I'm to identify myself as "Buyer 2". That codename suggests they may already have, or may wish me to believe they have, another foreign distributor. Discovering Hollywood's real identity may prove tricky, but I'll have something positive for my next report for "jealous husband", whose own identity I may be able to discover tonight.
This mysterious client may very well be working for my own ex-masters, judging from his use of drop zones for all communication between us. I intend staking out the drop zone until he picks up the report. Then I'll tail him. It's worth the risk.

Interesting. Golitsin believed his client, codename "Jealous Husband," was working for the KGB. Yesterday, he tried to find out their identity. That was probably when he was murdered. It's likely that Jealous Husband or somebody close to him killed Golitsin. Also, he mentioned a foreign distributor. Is this some shady black market stuff? Also of note: he's supposed to be meeting someone tonight. That's a lead if I ever saw one. I'd say it's a good time to head back to Department P.

We give it to him.

At least I'm on time.

We follow him in.

Damn. Maybe I shouldn't have drunk so much.
Your orders were obeyed in all respects, comrade major!

I discovered a hidden microphone of foreign origin.
Give it to me.
Yes, sir.

You hand over the bug.

Luckily the diode is off, meaning the device is dead. Otherwise you would have been actively aiding foreign saboteurs!
Ugh. What a prick.
I interviewed Golitsin's sister.
Golitsin's sister handed me a microcassette Golitsin had left in her mailbox.
Give it to me.
Yes, sir.

You hand over the micro-cassette. Vovlov takes a micro-recorder from his desk and plays the tape. You can't hear anything since he listens through headphones! He stares stonily at you throughout, then puts the equipment back in his drawer.

Your orders did not, as I recall, involve listening to any tape!

Very well. Go and wait in your office!

Straightening your jacket, you follow the guard who directs you into Galushkin's office.

Am I...interrupting something?

I realize your transfer here was not your idea; you would no doubt have preferred to remain with GRU. Remember though, that times have changed! Here at Department P, we root out KGB corruption. No need to be ashamed of that, eh?

I hope my efforts have been of some value, comrade colonel.
Excellent, Maksim Mikhailovich. You are a worthy son to your father.
It's nice to have a supportive superior officer for once.
Since you've listened to the tape, you know almost as much as I do. If there is a KGB involvement in this business of illegal exports, then we'll have to clear it up. And that's your job! This evening you will go to the "Enthusiastic Progress Club" in Kursk street. The club is a hangout for antisocial elements, and is situated in an apartment building. The criminal we're after, the one whose code-name is "Hollywood", probably lives in one of the apartments.
Your mission is to locate his apartment, get inside it and have a good look around. We need to know the nature of this criminal's activities. Report your findings to comrade major Vovlov at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. A word of advice, Maksim Mikhailovich: be discreet! I'd be careful not to say "Hollywood" or "Buyer 2" to the wrong kind of people.

Before we go, Vovlov comes out of his office to meet us.

All this undercover business sounds kind of exciting. Maybe I'll actually enjoy this job.

Next time, we'll be heading to Kursk street.

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