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KGB aka Conspiracy

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Part 10: Interlude 1 - The People of Kursk Street

Interlude 1 – People of Kursk Street

Every so often, you encounter random people on Kursk Street. Some of them have quite a bit to say.

Ordinary-looking fellow

He doesn't seem in a mood to stand around talking.

Excuse me!
What do you want?
A little late for walking around!
You sound like a stupid chekist, friend.

Ask about...Hollywood
Forget it, friend: Dracula movies are out of fashion.

Ask about...Enthusiastic Progress Club
Never heard of it. Sounds lousy.

Are you Hollywood?
No, I'm the great wall of China. Are you Napoleon?
I knew you'd recognize me!
Welcome back to Moscow!


No, I'm a KGB officer.
Of course you are, colonel! Watch out for saboteurs!


I'm looking for a man who calls himself Hollywood.
I wish you every happiness together.

Hard work, lousy pay. Like most people.

Hate it.
I play from time to time, you know.
You set an uplifting example.

Talk about...politics
Don't make me laugh, friend.
Surely you can see that Gorbachev's way is the only solution?
Still in his Black Sea datcha while the rest of us queue for bread!


Surely you must be angry at what Gorbachev's doing?
Who isn't, except for the fat cats and speculators.

A disgrace. Only the rich can get drunk these days.
You look like a man who needs a drink.
I can't. Once I start, I can't stop. And I can't afford a bottle a day.


I've heard of a club around here where the vodka's good.
I haven't.

Talk about...his family
Mind your own business.

Ask for..a cigarette
Are you crazy? I've got one left from a pack my sister-in-law spent a fortune to get for me.

Old lady

She's clearly impatient and thinks you a fool.

A fine evening.
I have no time for idle chatter, my man.
All by yourself, beautiful one?
Yes, and I'm far from beautiful. I'm also tired.
What's in your bag?
Nothing, unfortunately. I queued 3 hours for a pair of boots this morning. When it was my turn, there weren't any left.
Maybe you know a nice club we could go to?
If you're drunk, my man, then go home.

Ask about...her work
I'm a doctor and I've just finished for the day. I'm tired and cannot help you. Consult a psychiatrist.

Ask about...Hollywood
I have a little time for the cinema, my man.

Ask about...the Enthusiastic Progress Club.
A preposterous name for a club! I imagine they discuss tractor performance or stakhanovist revivalism.
Spot on, I must say.

Talk about...political outlook
Your sense of humor is morbid.

Talk about...sports
I despise cretins in general, and sportists in particular.

Talk about...the news
Posturing politicians irritate me.

Ask for...a light
Tobacco and alcohol! You and your kind drain all our health resources!

Talk about...the weather
It's getting colder by the minute. Goodbye.

A different conversation path:
Do you always address people in that manner?

Ask about...her reasons for being here
I'm going home. It's been a hard day. I don't intend spending the night talking to corner-boys.

Ask for...her papers
Don't be ridiculous! Good night to you.

Confused old man

Where have you been? We were waiting for you!
I was waiting too.
I couldn't get to the other place.
Couldn't get to Sasha's? That's a good one. See you tomorrow!


Where have you been? We were waiting for you!
Go home, old man.
Insolent puppy! Fought at Stalingrad I'll have you know.
That's what they all say.
Young hooligan, hanging round street-corners to attack innocent passers-by! Filth!

Pretty young woman

She seems to know her way around.

Can you tell me the time, miss?
No, but I can give you a good time. Why?
It was just for something to say.
I've heard better beginnings, but I guess you're shy.


No, but I can give you a good time. Why?
I have an appointment to keep.

Of course.
So she's late. Maybe I'm the girl you need!


Hello, gorgeous!

I was until you came along!
Looking for a thrilling way to spend your money?
Is that what you're offering?
To someone with money to spend.
How about a good time together?
Sure. I can make fat wallets empty their wad and love it!


Young women like you shouldn't be out alone!
With luck I won't be alone long.

Nice dog you've got.
He likes me talking to strange men. It means he may eat the next day.

Talk about...her dog.

Does he stay in the room?
Under the bed. He's too jealous to watch.
Does he perform interesting tricks?
No, but I do!


He's an intelligent looking fellow.
He is, isn't he? He's better to me than any man has been.
Better at what?
You have strange ideas. Maybe you should try the zoo.

Ask for... her name
You can call me Nadiezhda. My foreign clients like it.

Ask for.. her real name
Why do you want to know?
I'm not a foreigner. Your real name is more honest.
Honesty! I suppose Stalin was a swine because that wasn't his name!
A matter of interest, that's all.
What I've got for you is better than names, stallion man!


Simply tell the truth, and you need fear nothing.
You sound like militia!

Ask for...her papers
What are you? Militia?
No. It was just an amusing joke.
I can't wait to hear one that isn't.


Yes, I am militia.
In that case, you're new. Ask your colleagues about Nadiezhda. You fellows earn enough from me already. Talk to Surikov! Goodnight.

Ask about...her job
Why don't you come to my apartment, and I'll show you.

Ask about...Hollywood
What a beautiful life they must lead! In the meantime, how about letting me take you to paradise?

Ask about...Enthusiastic Progress Club
Sounds like one of those drinking clubs for poorer Party-members. Nothing there for me.

Talk about...politics
Do I look like someone who talks about politics?
Why not? Politics affects even you.
You're a strange one!


Talking's probably not your specialty!
Oh, muscle man! You sure have a way with words.


Everyone has a duty to!
You sound like those dreary aparatchiks on TV.

Talk about...foreigners
I only meet the businessmen.
They probably call you some interesting things!
Probably, but we rarely speak the same language. In any case, they don't come to me for talk!
You're sort of a Soviet representative, comrade!
I take my responsibility seriously! Satisfaction guaranteed.
Not for you, I imagine.
You forget the money, the restaurants, the wine, the clothes!
Lucky fellows!
Maybe this is your lucky night, big boy!


They're only here to take our money!
I take some back. That's business!

Talk about...prostitution
I prefer action to talk. Don't you?
Me too.
I can show you some unforgettable action!


If it leads somewhere.
Don't be so serious! Have a good time!


That's a stupid thing to say.
Talking's not the best thing I do with my tongue!

Ask for...her price
50 dollars American. That's a special price because I like you.

I'm a working girl, comrade. You want sexual bliss or not?
Sorry, I don't have time.
That's probably not all you don't have. Come on Doggy, we've wasted enough time!


I am a KGB officer and I arrest you!
S and M isn't my thing, sorry. Try the girls near Pavelec station.


How much do your services cost?
You're just like my foreign clients, haggling over the price of an hour in paradise! $50 to you, since you're handsome. Let's see your money, big boy.

Offer her... $50
Follow me, handsome, and don't step on Doggy!