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Part 11: Interlude 2 - People of Shining Future, part 1

Interlude – People of Shining Future, part 1

There are eight apartment rooms in the building. Here's Apartments 1 and 2.

Apartment 1 – The Ulyanovs

The door opens.

I'm a private detective and I'd like to ask you some questions.
How mysterious. What kind of questions?
Well, I'm on the trail of a dangerous criminal gang.
Oh, goodness me! Perhaps you'd better come in.

He's on the trail of some bandits.
Well! That's a step in the right direction!

Ruthless cutthroats, comrade! They prey on the defenseless.

Do you imagine they operate in the open? They're sewer rats.

Militia! They're involved! Some militia men are in the gang!
Well, young man. If I can help...

What a fine apartment! So warm and comfortable.
You should wear a scarf!
Why, thank you! We've tried to make it so.

What are your names?
Very nice, yes.
This is Rostislav Ulyanov. I am his wife Emma. And you?
Kliment Kruglov.
Kliment Kruglov...

Inspect Rostislav
A kindly old fellow.
Inspect Emma
She has a twinkle in her eye.

Ask for...a glass of vodka
You should wear a scarf.
I'm afraid we have none. Perhaps Pavel Belussov in apartment 5 has some.

Ask for...a glass of tea
Scandalous! And no one can do anythi...

Ask about...local problems
We're concerned, natura...
We have none.

Ask about...the Enthusiastic Progress Club
We never go there.

Ask about...someone called Hollywood
No, I don't know him. Perhaps you could ask the superintendent in apartment 7 upstairs.

Ask about...strange goings on in the building
We don't notice very much of what goes on. Why don't you try the superintendent upstairs in apartment 7?

Ask about...the neighbors
They're all so friendly! Never any trouble.

Ask about...the Belusovs
Pavlov? Never met him myself...
Poor Nonna Belussova. She works so hard. But such a wonderfully happy family!

Ask about...the Nakhimovs
Well, you know, they have problems. Roman Nakhimov gets up to no good, of course. So hard for Maya.

Ask about...local crime
We're concerned, natura...
We sometimes see young people, drug addicts I imagine, hanging around. Poor things, so lost.

Ask about...them
We're both retired teachers. Our old pupils often come to see us.

You take your leave.

I hope we've been of help, young man! Goodnight.
Such a sweet old couple. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything useful out of them.

Alt Dialogue

When talking to Emma Ulyanov, you have a bunch of options besides telling her you're a private detective.

Local citizens "Stamp Out Crime" group. May I come in?
Yes, of course.
This is my husband Rostislav. Slavochka, we have a visitor!
Oh! Welcome, young man! Well, well.
He represents a group of people opposed to crime.
Well! That's a step in the right direction!

Local crime has gotten out of hand. If the militia can't or won't act...
Taking the law into your own hands, eh? I don't believe we care to participate. Goodbye, young man.

You are shown out.


Tell me about this citizens' group you represent.
We are concerned about the rise in violent crime in the neighborhood.
Yes, I see. What do you think is the cause?
Young people looking for enjoyment? Who knows? But we must stop it.
Mm. Attack the symptoms, not the cause, eh? Not the best idea.

At least he doesn't kick you out this time.


Yes, I see. What do you think is the cause?
Social and political change, probably. Some effects are disastrous.
I quite agree. Well, if we can help...

What happens when we ask her for an opinion poll, but we don't have a clipboard in her inventory?
Would you mind participating in an opinion poll?
Where's your clipboard? I may no longer be young, my man, but I'm not yet senile. Off with you!

We try knocking again.

An elderly woman's voice says from behind the door:
Go away!

Apartment 2 – Yasakev

We knock on the door to the far left.

By whom?
Any of them. Beelzebub, perhaps?
I'm on their trail. Hollywood's the one I'm after.
Hollywood? Yes, they would use such a name. Do you want to enter?

Seems like an artistic fellow.

Inspect the intense young man
A fevered look.

I don't think he's bathed in a while.

Ask about...him

This man isn't entirely sane. What a surprise.
Have you seen a psychiatrist?
Oh yes! Many. They taunt me in dreams, you know. White-coated henchmen of the dark ones...
Are you using drugs?

Ask about...the seal
It keeps the dark ones out!

Ask about...the dark ones
The devil spawn! This is their time. The world is slipping into the reeking abyss, pushed by the evil ones. Feel their presence!

I'll try and play along.
The seal must remain unbroken.
Don't worry! It is wrought with the power of the ineffable!

Ask for...his name
Yasakev. And yours?

Kliment Kruglov
Kruglov...No, the numbers are wrong... Have you any other questions?

Ask about...local problems
There are no local problems! Merely symptoms! Crime, poverty, drunkenness, anarchy! These are signs, marks of the beast! His time has come!

Ask about...the bar
I never go there! There lurks the darkness of the soul! The waiting shadow!

Ask about...Enthusiastic Progress Club
A den of devilry! I feel the evil, the cackle of vice.

Ask about...local crime
All around us. Growing. Rubbing its hands. They're here, you see, around us! They hate me!
Have you got any names?
I cannot! To utter the name of devil spawn is to call them! But it is no coincidence that they bear Lenin's real name!
Lenin's real name? What the hell is he talking about? Well, the old couple I just visited have the last name Ulyanov, which was also Lenin's last name.

Ask about...someone named Hollywood
Iniquitous name! Glistening, like evil fruit. Beckoning! I know no such person!

Ask about...his job
Numbers are my work! I add them, subtract and divide! I fill columns with them. Some are good but most reek of evil! I change them, but my superiors refuse to understand the essence of book-keeping!

It's never a good idea to try to talk politics with lunatics.

Talk about...the opposite sex

Not your mother, surely?
Whore! Don't mention that slut!!

Talk about...TV

I watch sometimes. I must look out for the snake.
Beware the temptress!

Talk about...the future

Russia's future.
There is no future! Can't you see? The dark ones are closing in... Man has betrayed himself!

Talk about...religion
Too late! Hold the dark ones back if you can. An hour, a day. Pray. The churches are doomed, along with all the rest!

Ask about...the neighbors in general.
Condemned! All of them, except the evil ones' servants.
Ask about...the Ryumins
Ask about... the Nakhimovs
Ask about...the Ulyanovs
You dare to utter that abomination in my presence?

Ask for...water
I can't give you water! It would poison anyone except me... That's the protection, you see!

Are you completely mad? That's one of the dark ones' ways of penetrating your physical plane!

I need a drink, damnit. I'm sick of this guy.
Is lunacy a Yasakev family trait or what?

Alt Dialogue

Ask for...his name
Yasakev. And yours?
Maksim Rukov.
I see... The numbers seem to fit!

Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to react in any way if you give your name as 'the dark one.'

If you leave without pissing him off:

Ask about...Yasakev
Poor Fyodor Yasakev! Such a tormented fellow. What can be the cause of his unhappiness?