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KGB aka Conspiracy

by red mammoth, Xander77

Part 14: Update 5 Bonus

Update 5b - Bonus

If you talk to Klara instead of Zhanna about your criminal investigation:

I'm investigating a criminal organization based in this building.

Quite possibly, comrade. We must scotch their dastardly plots!
What can we do? I'll dress up as an old lady!
Excellent plan! In the meantime, have you noticed anything suspicious?
Let me see... There's comrade Chevchenkova in apartment 8 who goes out every night!
Oh, Klara. You know she goes out to feed the stray cats...
That could be a cover, Zhanna. Perhaps she's passing secret messages!
Now that I think of it, you ought to question Pavel Belussov in apartment 5.

The conversation continues as normal from there.

The Opposite Sex

You can choose one of two topics for your opinion poll. Here's the other one:

Ah, you've got it. What's the opinion poll about? Not the agricultural sector, I hope.
The opposite sex.
I see! Well, come in.

How bizarre! I wonder if I'm normal. Must people...
Klara, please! Let him ask his questions and we shall see.

Your apartment is...romantic
Thank you.
Yes, isn't it?
May I look around your lovely apartment?
Of course.
I'm sorry. This isn't a zoo.
And we hardly know you!
Do you prefer sex with intellectuals or workers?
That's a silly question.

(Oddly enough, you can only ask this question to Klara.)

Do you prefer sex with bearded or clean-shaven men?
That's a silly question.
Do you prefer sex with strangers?
I have no preference.
Well, they never are, are they? I mean, when you've met them.
Very profound, Klara.
Would you like to have sex with me?
Clipboards remind me of laboratories. Ugh!
Do you think love is another word for sex?
I don't know. What do you think?
I'm asking the questions.
What do you think, Zhanna?
They are both aspects of passion. That's what Pushkin thought.
Your literary tastes aren't exactly modern, are they?
The eternal is always relevant!
Do you think love is possible?
Oh yes. Turgenev knew that.
That's nonsense. His vision was pessimistic!
How can you say that?! The underlying tension is so positive!
You're a highly sensitive human being.
Sometimes I wish I weren't.
What do you think, Klara?
I don't know. What do you think?
I'll just write down I don't know.
Neither of us knows!

I'm not really doing an opinion poll.
Then what do you want?
I've heard you enjoy casual sex.
Who told you that?
It's a secret.
Well, it's quite untrue. Spontaneous passion is not casual sex! Leave!


Who told you that?
I detest American culture, precisely because they devalue everything. Out!

This doesn't cause a game-over. However, because you didn't get the necessary information, you can't progress further.

I'm investigating a criminal organization based in this building.
What?! Are you a militiaman?
No. I'm an undercover KGB officer!
I see. Well, would you show me your ID, please?
I don't have any. Too dangerous.
I'm sorry, but if there are criminals here, then I'll need proof that you're not one of them. You'll have to leave now.