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Part 16: Update 6 Bonus

Update 6 Bonus

Really short one today.


This alternate conversation path sheds more light on Ryumin's past.

I'm looking for criminals. And I think you can help me.
Oh God, Edik! He thinks you're a criminal!
It's only to be expected, my dear. We must be strong! Who are you, young man?
Talk, Ryumin, or the whole building will hear about your past!
How do I know you won't tell them all anyway?
I'm not interested in you. I just want information!
What do you want to know? Living conditions on Wrangel island?
Yes. What were your numerous crimes?
My crimes were anti-Soviet agitation and distributing anti-Soviet propaganda. I handed out bibles to some friends. What else do you want?


I'm a foreman at the Glorious Horizons tire plant.
Important work, comrade
All must unite in the mighty struggle to attain planned quotas!


Quite a lot of unofficial earnings, selling to impatient clients, eh?
You suggestin' something'?!
Your reaction is proof of your honesty.
'course I'm honest!