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KGB aka Conspiracy

by red mammoth, Xander77

Part 18: Update 7 Bonus

Chapter 7b - Bonus


I'm investigating a criminal organization based in this building.
Why did you come to me?
Don't be so defensive, comrade!
Ask your questions elsewhere, comrade!
He slams the door in your face.


Why did you come to me?
I intend talking to all the residents.
I don't know any criminals!
Come now, comrade. We aren't children!
Listen, I don't have to take this from you! Just clear off!
He slams the door in your face.

If you asked him about Hollywood on your first meeting with him:

Hello again. So, what can I do for you this time?
Are you sure that Hollywood means nothing?
Like I said, I can't help. Did you ask at the club?
No one knows anything.

Any ideas about what I can do?
What do you take me for? Whatever your game is, leave me out of it!
He goes back into the apartment.


I think you know more than you're telling. True?
No. Now I've answered your questions. Goodnight.
He slams the door in your face.


Are you selling?
Later. What's your poison?
Very kind of you! A vodka please.
Stupid old fart! I mean what are you buying?
Oh, I see! What will it be, vodka or vodka?
Forget it. Tell me about your part in the October revolution.


Later. What's your poison?
Siberian weed. Whatever you want, I can deliver. Mostly.
I'm firmly opposed to the use of such drugs.
Who cares. Go home and polish your Party medals.


You know nothing, do you, eh?

Ask about...the other members
You silly little nincompoop! That's all.

Talk about...crime
How could you know? Nothing! Stupid...

Talk about...politics
You know absolutely nothing. At all!

Ask about...him
I know. I've seen it. I know all about death. The smell. You know nothing about it. Piles of bodies. Hundreds.

Ask about...the piles of bodies
You're sitting on them. Don't you know that?! Hundreds of years of dead Moscovites, buried everywhere. Can't you smell the corpses? They didn't burn them, you see!

Talk about...violence
What do you know? Nothing. There's the truth.

Ask about...someone called Hollywood
Hollywood! That little runt over there?! Businessman calls himself. Knows nothing about nothing!

The couple next to the drunk don't have much to say. They just leave as soon as you talk to them.

If you enter the Enthusiastic Progress Club with the clipboard:
What are you doing with my clipboard? Gentlemen, we have a thief!