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by red mammoth, Xander77

Part 20: Update 8 Bonus

Update 8b – Bonus

Svetka and Grisha

Inspect Svetka
An eager blonde.
Inspect Grisha
A rather bored youngster.

Good evening.
Oh, Grisha! You're so rude. Good evening!

Ask about...the club
Call this hole a club?!

Ask about...the gangsters in the club
Gangsters?! These characters couldn't hold up a one-legged wheelchair. Just black market hangers on, hoping someone'll give 'em the big job.

Ask about...the other members
Second rate criminal riff-raff!
Grishukha, please! Just because your uncle's in private business and making lots of money, and he has a car, and holidays abroad!
Shut it, Svetka. He's just a lowlife black marketeer.
Well, if it wasn't for him, we couldn't have become members here! Think of my career!
Who cares! This place is a dump. You see anyone here who even knows what a film producer is? No one's going to ask you to star in anything. Not here.
Worthless little brat. Even worse than that punk drug dealer!

Talk about...the crime scene
All over the place. Nobody wants to work anymore. Everyone for himself.

Talk about...night life in Moscow
We don't know. We work.

Talk about...sports
Who takes an interest in sport these days? Now it's just money and hamburgers and “freedom”. Freedom! To do what... consume integrated obsolescence and dream of buying more?!
Grisha, will you stop that! You're always complaining! People will get a bad impression. Image is so important, you know. We actresses learn that right at the start.
Actresses! Will you never learn?
Well, Lilechka's an American star now!

Ask about...someone called Hollywood
Sounds like a nancy-boy to me.
Oh, Grisha! He sounds very interesting. I'd like to meet him. Maybe he's the one Lilechka met!

Ask about...Lilechka
Stupid cow.
Stop it, Grisha! She's a lovely girl. She was invited here to meet a western film producer. I bet she's a star in America now!

Petka and Lyonka

Quiet night!
You should shut your face! Right, Petka?
Wrong, Lyonka. The comrade's just being friendly is all.
Well, yes. Very quiet night really.

Ask about...the club
Look for yourself.
Yeah! You got eyes, no? Right, Petka?
Shut up, Lyonka.

Ask about...the members
Don't know them.
Stupid mostly. Right, Petka?
Not exactly, Lyonka.

Ask about...him
Me? I'm not stupid, if that's what you mean.

Talk about...his work
We don't work, do we, Petka? Unless you call do...
Shut up, Lyonka. You're boring the comrade to death.

Ask about...his girlfriend
She's not here.
I have lots, don' I, Petka? Har har!
Oh, yes, Lyonka, lots 'n' lots.

Talk about...drugs
Alcohol's my drug.

Talk about...politics
Some people like it. Not me.
Well, har har! I like blood mostly. More'n anything.

Ask about...a character called Hollywood
What about a character called Hollywood?
What's this, uh, Hollywood to you?
I'm supposed to meet him here. Know him?
Depends who's asking.
I'm Buyer 2.
Buyer 2! We were wondering when you'd show.
Why isn't he here?
He sent us to take you to his place. It's about 5 minutes from here. He's waiting. You coming, Buyer 2?

I'm Buyer 2.
Quite perfectly so, sir. I may just be able to be of service... I see! You're expected, sir!

Oleg Yurevich, Gleb Yurevich! This is the gentleman called Buyer 2.
Oh yeah? That's good. Glebka, go and find pretty boy. He'll want to be in on the deal.

Don't overdo it. Your brain wouldn't like it.
What's that s'posed to mean?
Nothing you'd understand.

Hell, no! The wife n'kids are down at the bar!
I'm thinkin' you're a jokey character, so amusin'.


A little late I'm thinkin'
So you're Hollywood! Different from what I expected.

Someone less moronic in appearance.

I mean I admire the ingenious disguise!
I knew that! Where's Romeo and Glebka...


What did you expect?
I don't know. Someone less impressive.
That's the whole skill of the thing see?
I'm beginning to see. I think we'll get on well.
Sure. We'll wait for Romeo.

After that conversation...

Gleb comes back with his friend Romeo.

If you go into the bathroom before the punk, you'll find $200 in the trashcan. What happens if we take it?

Where's my money? No money, no deal!
Are you trying to be funny? I put your money in there myself.
Wait a minute... That stranger was in the toilet just before me!
And you think he stole the money? Let's check...

What happens if we destroy the money we find in the trashcan?

Same dialogue up until the twins search you...

Here are the other outcomes to the fight with Petka and Lyonka...

No way!

We can run back into the building or away, but no matter what you pick...

You can obey and try to hand over your goods, but...

After any of this happens, you get this:

A passer-by finally calls an ambulance. You'll be OK in a few weeks, ready for your new assignment! Failure has earned you a 5-year tour of duty on a tiny island somewhere in the arctic circle. Brr!

You can also attack Petka instead of Lyonka.

Your miserable failure at the Enthusiastic Progress Club has earned you a 5-year tour of duty at a place called Nordvik, on the Laptev sea, interrogating icicles.

What happens if you leave Lyonka's body around for too long?

You also managed to tarnish even further the KGB's reputation. Your next assignment, permanent border-guard duty, near a place called Kraskino, will give you ample time to reflect.

I remember a game over that involved getting attacked by the twin thugs on the street if you say Hollywood and Buyer 2 too much (or maybe to the wrong person.) However, I can't seem to be able to find it.