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KGB aka Conspiracy

by red mammoth, Xander77

Part 22: Update 9 Bonus

Update 9b - Bonus


You'll have to to pay for your crimes, Sytenko!

Just western currency, understand!
I have only rubles!
Too bad, Sytenko. It's Lefortovo for you.
I'll kill myself!
Good idea. I might even help.

Conversation continues as normal from there.

You can confront Sytenko early on about his meatshop after you talk to Ryumin, but that causes problems.

Tell me about your meatshop, Sytenko.

You don't sell much meat.

Doesn't matter what option you choose.

Doesn't matter what option you pick here, either.

You need your head examined. Good night!

Sweat breaks out on Sytenko's forehead. He glares at you murderously before slamming the door in your face.

When you try to talk to him again, he won't answer the door. Even if you've been to the coldroom. Which makes the game unwinnable.


Romeo's dialogue here will change depending on whether you went into the beer bar, and whether you talked to him there.

If you go into the coldroom without switching off the diode:

Uh-oh. Let's check the door.

There's no escaping once the door is shut.