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Part 23: Movie Star

Update 10 – Movie Star


Well, this is just great. If I'm not out of here by tomorrow morning, I'll be starring in Verto's next motion picture.

I see Verto put up a Lenin poster in his snuff room. He may be a psychopath, but at least he's a patriot.

Odd. Looks like they took everything except my rubles.

Let's take a look around the room.

Inspect the table

Intriguing. Guess he's listening for any escape plans.

We take the bug. This one isn't of western origin, unlike the bug in Golitsin's office.

Inspect the door
A solid-looking door. It's locked.

Locked. Not a surprise. We try knocking.

Nobody answers

No use. We try listening at the door.

The murmur of voices talking softly.

Well, I guess there's nothing to do but wait.

9:28 PM

The door opens...

This must be my female co-star. Hopefully I can get her out of here before filming starts.

We show her the bug.
Whatever it is, I don't want to touch it.

Inspect the young woman
Attractive in a vulgar western way. She sniffs a great deal.

Welcome to the club.
Oh, shut up.
Should make a great movie.
Christ! Locked up with a drunk!
What's your name?
Who are you? I want out.
What are you doing here?
How should I know?
Well, I can't blame her for being suspicious of strangers.

How did you get here?

I don't remember. Too much vodka!
You were at a bar or club, I suppose.
I was looking for someone and ended up here.

What's it to you?
Just interested. Why were you supposed to meet him?
I didn't say it was a man, Rita.
Maybe I'm just paranoid, but her questions, the bug... I think I see what's happening here.

Is she even trying anymore?

She must be the girl Sytenko mentioned. The one who worked for him, before telling Verto about his stash of American dollars.
No codenames. Just business.

The door opens... A denim-clad individual is pushed into the room. The newcomer resembles the man you noticed from Golitsin's window.

Let her go.
Hey, Verto! They're going to kill me!

Oleg opens the door for her.

I don't trust this guy. He was spying on me earlier today, and I'll even bet he was the one who killed Golitsin. Plus, he might be working for Verto.
American? Why so far from home?

A long story.

You know her?
Sure. Rita's just a kid who feeds off cocaine Verto gives her.
What's your name?

What a smartass.
Josef Stalin.

Just do what I say, mother! Go with the twins to Andryusha's for the night. Oleg and Gleb, be here at 8. I'll be needing you. Romeo has to go and get ready for the trip. I'll stay here with Rita. I'll see you tomorrow!
Sounds like Rita and Verto are going to be alone in the apartment.

Inspect the man in denim
Looks and behaves like a westerner. His American accent is almost too strong to be credible.

I don't really trust the guy, but I might need his help to get out of here alive.

We show him the bug.

Showtime, eh?
Hard to gauge his reaction.

Pity I don't have any playing cards.
Forget it, Ivan. I'm not talking to you or your gangster friends.
Looks like he's as suspicious of me as I am of him.

We put our ear to the door.

You said you'd give me a generous dose if I went in there. So let me have it, Verto. Please!
I already told you, it didn't come through tonight! Some thief stole the coke from the club toilet. Wait till tomorrow.
Oh no, Verto. I can't. I'll go crazy!
Well, you're gonna have to. Now, shut up.

Stolen coke? I might know something about that. If I could get Verto out of there and Rita alone for a few minutes, then I could use that to my advantage. If I can get the American to trust me, he could help me come up with a plan. Wait a minute. The bug...

A miniature listening device. Someone's broken it.

Now Verto can't listen in on our conversation.

We give the destroyed bug to the American.

So you squashed their bug! You must be on the side of the angels!
Mission accomplished. Say, I never noticed that buzzer before.

The electronic buzzer and some wiring are encased in a plastic box with a flip-open lid.

Any ideas?
And you?
If I remember correctly, Sytenko's meatshop had an alarm system with similar wiring.
Could be the cold-room in the meatshop.
Right, the cannibal's favorite!

I'm sure glad I turned the alarm back on after I left the cold-room. Otherwise, I'd be screwed.
Do it.

Verto stars shouting...

Hell! Somebody's in the cold-room. I'm going to check. You stay here and don't do anything stupid. I'll be back in five minutes.

We decide to call Rita.