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KGB aka Conspiracy

by red mammoth, Xander77

Part 25: Hollywood's Code

Update 11 – Hollywood's Code

Let us out, Rita.

Escape with me.

She's completely delusional. I almost feel bad for her.
Problem is, he doesn't need your cocaine habit.
He doesn't mind it. And anyway, it's not your problem.
I can get you away from Verto.

He's cut off your coke supply.

I know where the coke is.
What do you mean?
Now we're getting somewhere.
Let me out and I'll explain.

I'm the one who took it!
Prove it.
I took it from the toilet trashcan.

Open the door and I'll show you!
Okay, but no tricks!
Does she really think I'm doing this out of the kindness of my heart?

Let's take a look at our options here.

Probably not a good idea to tell her I flushed it down the toilet.
Drop the gun, Rita.
Stop wasting time, moron. Just tell me where the coke is.
I'll show you.
No. Tell me where it is.
She's smarter than I thought.
I hid the coke in the bar office.
Good. Get back in the cell! Move!

We attack her.

You slam into her the gun flies in the air as Rita is thrown backwards. She falls heavily. Her head colliding with the table. The girl lies unbreathing on the floor. The American chuckles. He holds the gun.

I've got a few things to do here. Could I have that gun?
I may just need the gun myself. See you round.
Bastard. If it wasn't for me, he'd still be trapped in there.

Let's check on Rita. It looked like she took a pretty hard fall.

Another death on my hands. Looks like the table did most of the work, though.

Let's look around the room.

My stuff should be around here somewhere. Maybe in that cupboard...

Wow. I sure was carrying a lot of junk. Looks like there's some new stuff, too.

Inspect the Polaroid photos
Most show Soviet soldiers posing together. They seem to have been taken in Afghanistan. Some of them feature KGB troops.

Why would he have these? Maybe he served in Afghanistan.

Inspect the American passport
It contains the American's photo. Nathaniel Greenberg, 35, journalist.

He seemed like a spy to me. I doubt that's even his real name.

Inspect the piece of white paper
A small rectangle of perfectly blank paper. If there's anything to see, you can't see it!

Could be hiding a secret code. Could just be a blank piece of paper. I don't have enough to go on, so I'll check the studio room again.

We check the cupboard.

Inspect the camera
A recent western model with an integrated flash. There are 4 photos left in the camera.

We find a polaroid photo on the sideboard to the right.

Inspect the Polaroid photo
It's a photo of you in the cell.
It's one of the photos he took of me earlier. Say, looks like there's something on top of the TV. I never noticed it before. Looks like it's a folder.

Inspect the folder
The words “assurance policy” are printed by hand on the front. Very well, comrade. You find two black and white photos.

Assurance policy? Odd.

Inspect the photos
Your parents! One photo shows them and Vanya getting into a car. The next shows the car blowing up. One side of the second photo has been cut off.

Son of a bitch. I... I have to stay calm. I've got to get out of here before that bastard comes back.

I'm too late![/i]

We slip back into the apartment.

I've got to find someplace to hide! I know...

We hide next to the door.

The door opens, and Verto enters carrying a silenced pistol.

Here goes nothing.

I only have a short amount of time before he wakes up. I'll take a look at his things.

Inspect the snapshot
It's a shot of you in the cell.

Inspect the revolver
A revolver with a silencer.

Inspect the blue paper
A small rectangle of perfectly blank paper. If there's anything to see, you can't see it!

Another one. That can't be a coincidence. It must be some sort of secret code, maybe written in invisible ink. Now what could Verto have used to read the message? Well, maybe that camera. Some cameras can pick up hidden messages, and I don't see any fancy equipment just lying around here.

Inspect the blue paper photo
On the photo of the piece of paper, you see some letters: EIGAAG6PLDGPR

Inspect the white paper photo
On the photo of the piece of paper, you see some letters: LNNRDU13MAOAAK