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KGB aka Conspiracy

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Part 28: Update 12 Bonus

Update 12b - Bonus

If you wait in the apartment until a certain time...
Light footsteps... Someone is climbing the stairs.

It's Roman Nakhimov, the guy living in Apartment 3. Let's go see what Roman's wife thinks about him visiting Zhanna and Klara in the middle of the night.

The door opens.

I thought...Uh...Roman's out, I'm afraid.
Comrade Nakhimova, I'd like to talk to you. May I come in?
My daughter's asleep. Come back tomorrow.
Fine. Just a few questions.
Who are you?
I'm a private detective and I'd like to ask you some questions.
It's about Roman! What's he done?
Nothing too serious. For the moment. I have a few questions.
What do you want to know?
Where is Roman now?
He's with th... I don't know. Come back tomorrow.

Different answers to Vovlov's question:

I exploited all available resources.
Not bad. But your answer implies a superstitious fatalism!


He was a mere pawn in my strategy.
Excellent, Rukov! Except that he got away.


I admit to failure, comrade major.
Your orders did not include failure, Rukov!


He is of no consequence.
Do not imagine you can fool me with ill-founded blustering certitudes!


He was armed, comrade major!
Precisely! And you weren't. Your whining incompetence is disgusting.

Here's what happens if you kill Verto:

We're disappointed, Rukov! Comrade colonel Galushkin had high expectations of you. Your inexperience is a serious handicap which prevents us from keeping you here. You are assigned to administrative duties on Novaya Sibir island. Get out.

Get one answer wrong when talking to Galushkin, and...
This is a surprise, Rukov! I was not inclined to believe comrade major Vovlov's assessment of you. I realize now he was right. You have clearly inherited nothing of your father's superb talent! Naturally, there can be no future for you in department P. I shall see to your transfer to guard duties on the Sino-Soviet border. Perhaps you may yet serve society in a positive way!

Here's what happens if you don't put the hidden messages back in their place after taking a photo of them.

They appear already to have changed address. We will find them again, of course. Your incompetence has cost time, however, and is a source of disappointment to comrade colonel Galushkin. For my part, I expected no better of you. Your transfer to border-guard duties on the Sino-Siberian border is effective as of today. Get out.

If you didn't take pictures of the secret pieces of paper, but still put them back: