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Part 34: The Sword and Shield

Update 15 – The Sword and Shield

I'd better head out to Department 7 if I don't want to miss the rendezvous in Ladoga Park. Shame I didn't bring fancier clothing for a meeting like this. But first...

They'd probably get suspicious if they found these documents on me. I'd better destroy the dossiers and the mission instructions. The secret code I'll leave on the table as a little souvenir.

With that, we head out the door.

We try to take the elevator down, but...

Damn progressive reforms.

Well, no matter. We'll take the stairs.

Quite a lot of inspiring patriotic artwork here.

V.I. Lenin in visionary mood.

Revolutionary heroes wave red banners.

This reproduction features V.I. Lenin addressing enthusiastic crowds.

A nameless hero of revolutionary struggle gazes fearlessly.

Inspect the receptionist
A normally bored-looking man who seems wary in your presence.

The service is scandalous!
Modernization means sacrifices, comrade! The party leads the way!
Yes, yes. Glory to the party and all that.
Do you know who I am?
Naturally, comrade. A simple citizen. Have no fear! I have always struggled to maintain sealed lips in the service of our glorious security apparatus, shield and sword of Soviet integrity!
What is your name, comrade?
Bielkin, Leonid Ilich.
What time does reception close in the evening?
9 pm, comrade.
Can I get into this hotel late at night?
Naturally, comrade. Just knock. The night porter will open the door.

Ask about...foreigners in the hotel
This is a hotel for Soviet citizens, comrade.

Inspect the reception desk

What's a wheelchair doing here? Doesn't look like the old man needs it.

Halt, comrade! That wheelchair is for my son Yuri. He gave his leg in Afghanistan! You have kept yours for yourself!

Ask about...the wheelchair
A feature of our devoted service to the handicapped. Only in the Soviet Union do we take such care of our citizens!

Talk about...the Party

Your son? That's wonderful, comrade!
Yes, he gave his leg to communism, fighting the Afghan savages! He refuses to use the wheelchair the party generously provided.

Talk about...Gorbachev

Are you opposed to correct progress?
Correct progress is historical necessity! Backward thinkers must renounce strangle-holdism! The party must share power!
Death to outmoded one-partyism!
Root out the deviationist power-mongers!

Talk about...Yeltsin

He used to be a very senior party-member.

He has revealed our inadequacies, though.
Never has anyone been so unstintingly idolized by the lucid masses!

Talk about...the KGB
Glory to the shield and sword of the party! The enemy will never vanquish so long as our beloved security services watch eagle-eyed! The bloated imperialist sharks must be cut down unerringly; let them tiptoe hyena-like on their snake bellies! The iron whip of socialist correct-thinking will root them out like the vultures they are!
I'm not sure if he's just scared of me, or if he really does like the KGB that much.

We leave the hotel...

...and head for Department 7.

Inspect the KGB building
This is the entrance to Leningrad 2nd Principal Directorate.

They're probably going to frisk me when I'm in there. They're probably already suspicious of me. It would be better if they didn't find any sensitive surveillance equipment.

We hide all our electronic gear outside the building, and then we head on in.

Let's take a look around.

Inspect the entrance
An unmistakable KGB odor floats in the somewhat stale air.

Inspect the photo
Illustrious Soviet security hero of the past.

Inspect the inquiries officer
This state servant wears a suitably wooden expression.

Inspect the guard
A watchful gleam in those well-trained eyes.

We talk to the guard.

Take me to Department 7 at once!
Your pass?
Maybe he means my KGB ID?

We give it to him.

I'm sorry, comrade captain. You need a pass. Ask at inquiries.

Very well. We talk to the inquiries officer.

I'm expected at Department 7.

We give him our ID card.

Take me to Department 7 at once!
That is not procedure. What do you want?
I told you: I want to go to Department 7.

My apologies, comrade.
What do you want, comrade?
Gah! I've already told him twice!
I'm expected at Department 7.
Who's expecting you?
Comrade colonel Kusnetsov.

Inquiries officer here... A captain Rukov of Department P is here.. I understand... At once.

You will show this to the guard.

We follow his instructions.

Good day, comrade! I'm expected.
I must inspect your pass, comrade.
Naturally, comrade.

The guard examines your pass with great care.

Comrade colonel Kusnetsov's expecting you, comrade captain.