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Part 36: Just a Cigar

Update 16 – Just a Cigar

Thank you for receiving me, comrade colonel.

As you are no doubt aware, no chekist likes Department P or anyone who works for it!

The creation of your department was a treacherous act forced on KGB center by so-called liberals in the Politburo! Most of them have been disposed of now, but you remain to spread poison and discord throughout the ranks of the security services!
I'm starting to get a little scared.
As if the minor corruption of a handful of individuals were sufficient reason to weaken the faith and resolve of thousands of selfless patriots and party stalwarts!

I am doing my duty, comrade colonel.
Not an original excuse, Rukov. Is that all? My time is precious. Some of us have honest patriotic toil to accomplish.
Perhaps you can give me some information, comrade colonel?

Where should I start my investigation?
No idea! Now you'll have to excuse me. Oh, one thing more...

Remember: if there's trouble, you'll be the first to assume the consequences. Guard!

Agabekov's certainly a change of pace from that Kusnetsov lunatic. The man on the phone said he had some dark secrets, but I don't know who he was or who he works for. Still, I guess I'm trusting his word enough to investigate the KGB building at his suggestion. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a mistake.

Inspect the office
Everything under lock and key.

Doesn't look like I'll get much of a chance to look around, at least with Agabekov here. I wonder who gave him that cigar.

Inspect Agabekov
A thrusting style. He's of about your height, though of slighter build.

You're captain Rukov of Department P, the terror of chekists from Leningrad to Vladivostok!

Indeed I do.

What are your duties?
My duties are to organize the running of the department, in line with directives.
Do current directives emanate from colonel Kusnetsov?
Of course not. They come from Moscow center.
What are your directives concerning me?
To answer questions, within limits imposed by necessary discretion and workload. You are hunting down some gangsters. I suggest you follow any leads you may have. You are unlikely to discover anything useful to you here!
Guess I'd better ask him about that American, Greenberg.
What is your current policy concerning American spies?
To survey them, naturally. They have always been present and will continue to be. That is natural. Our duty is to limit their activities to within acceptable norms and prevent any sabotage they may attempt to organize. We also survey their agents.
Do you know of any Verto?
Verto? No. I have no information on your Moscow gang.
Are any Department 7 officers in contact with criminals?
Several of our agents and informers are undoubtedly mixed up in illegal and anti-soviet activities. Standard procedure! As you know, our duty is to survey foreigners and any Soviet citizens who frequent them.

Which informers would know about the videos?
I'm afraid I wouldn't give you that information even if I could.
Have you any reason to suspect one of your colleagues?
None at all! They are excellent officers.

Your reputation is excellent.
I'm no more than a servant of the party and the Soviet Union.
Comrade Kusnetsov's hands are not spotless.
I refuse to discuss the merits of my colleagues with you!
I doubt he's going to tell me anything important. I'm done here.

Inspect the guard
Stolid, massive and unsmiling.

Inspect Chapkin's door
A small plaque says OPERATIONS.

Hopefully comrade Chapkin will have some information for me.

Never mind that. I wonder where he is. Well, it can't hurt to try talking to Drobnista.

We go to Drobnista's office, on the left end of the corridor.

Inspect the office
Nothing lying around for curious eyes to devour.

Inspect Drobnitsa
Harried and hostile. He's in poor physical shape.

You are captain Drobnitsa?
What are your duties?

You're a pen-pusher.

Does all department business pass through your hands?
All business requiring administration, yes.

Just the official stuff, eh?
I am not at liberty to discuss the question in more depth.
Do you know where comrade Chapkin is?
Do you know of Verto?
Mostly that he is the mafia hooligan whose Leningrad contacts you are currently attempting to trace.
Are any Department 7 officers in contact with criminals?
My orders do not include discussing that topic.
Comrade major Agabekov must be an inspiration to you.
Major Agabekov's exploits in Afghanistan are well-known.
Chapkin enjoys his father-in-law's protection.
Chapkin has the required qualities for an excellent career in the service of Soviet security.
Comrade Kusnetsov's hands are not spotless.
I wouldn't know.

An excellent answer!
I don't wish to listen to your insults, snooper! Please leave!

I learned absolutely nothing from him. More time wasted, and I have to be at Ladoga Park in less than an hour. The only thing that might be of interest is that cigar. I doubt it means much, but my mysterious friends wanted me to find something on Agabekov. The only thing I know is that he met someone here, and they left a cigar. Hey, it's better than nothing.
If I can get Agabekov to leave his office for just a few minutes, I could take the cigar and look around his office for anything else of interest. If I recall correctly, Chapkin's office had a phone handy...

We call Agabekov.

Listen carefully.

He doesn't recognize me. Good. I've always been adept at disguising my voice.
Trouble is on the way!

I'll be in front of the building in 3 minutes.

Call me Yakovlev. It concerns a visitor from Moscow.
I see. I'll be there.

He hangs up.

Oh, hi. I was just leaving.

We wait a while.

1:48 PM

Agabekov leaves.

We slip into Agabekov's office while he's away. You'd think the guard would be a little more suspicious of all this, but maybe he isn't too bright.

Everything's locked away, but we do find the cigar in the trash.

Inspect the cigar
You're not an expert, but the band mentions Havana. Of rare quality.

Cuban cigar, eh? Nice gift. Maybe it holds the key to finding out who he was meeting with, assuming that's relevant to this case.

We hurry out of there before Agabekov comes back.

Hopefully he's not too suspicious, and doesn't notice the missing cigar.

We get into the elevator.

You are escorted outside.

We pick up the equipment we left behind.

Time to go to Ladoga Park.