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Part 38: Meeting in Ladoga Park

Update 17 – Meeting in Ladoga Park

We arrive with plenty of time to spare. Let's take a look around.

Inspect the park
A peaceful city park.

Inspect the statue
From high above, Lenin's uncompromising gaze fires you with zeal.

Inspect the building
Nothing suspicious about this example of Soviet architecture, expressing as it does the soaring poetry of socialist toil.

Inspect the mural
Inspirational work. Crumbling in top right-hand corner.

Inspect the metro entrance
A magnificent portal.

We head to the other side of the park.

Inspect the tree
Beloved of dogs.

Inspect the bench
An impressive bench.

That bench looks like a good meeting place. I'll bug it.

We hide the microphone in the bench.

As I recall, the receiver can only receive transmissions from the bug 20 meters away. I'll keep it with me, and hide behind the statue.

We could hide behind the tree, too, if we wanted.

2:55 PM

A blond-haired man arrives and sits down on the bench.

Inspect the surly man
A tough-looking character.

I wonder if he's Romeo's contact. I'd say it's a good time to start the recording.

Time to take some photographs.

We try to take a picture of the man on the bench.

Damn it. Not here. Not now. I can't believe this.

The good news is that the blame for this lies completely with HQ. The bad news is that Vovlov is just going to blame me anyway. I'll bet he sabotaged me deliberately. He's always been looking for a way to screw me, and now he finally found one. Bastard.

3:01 PM

3 PM and Romeo's not here. I'm starting to get worried.

3:05 PM

Ah, here he is. Fashionably late.

They swap briefcases.

Romeo leaves. We switch off our recording, since the conversation's over.

Damn, I couldn't hear anything they said. Time to put those headphones to use.

We switch from voice-activated to manual playback.

We rewind and play recording 1.

Start of recording timed at 3:05 pm.

You wouldn't be from Moscow?
Friend of Yak's.
That's good. You have the items?
Sure. Right here. In the briefcase.
No problems then.
No. From now on, Yak's our representative here, okay?
Yeah. Don't worry. I'll be phoning him later.
Okay. See you sometime... Maybe.
Have a nice trip home.
Oh, by the way. We had problems with a snooper. Be careful.
Problems? Anyone even looks at me and he's dead.

Voice 2 (blue) is obviously Romeo. He was the one who came with the briefcases, and he's from Moscow. Plus, I recognize his voice from before. That means Voice 1 (red) is the surly blond-haired fellow. It seems that someone called Yak is the go-between.

3:10 PM

We get off the Lenin statue, take our microphone off the bench, and follow him.

We follow him into the metro station.

3:16 PM

A man in a blue suit arrives. He is somehow familiar to us.

Inspect Chapkin
A sleek and confident character. Medium height and build.

Somehow Rukov knows that the man in blue is Chapkin, Kusnetsov's son in law who was missing from Department 7 earlier. Maybe the dossiers came with a file photo.

So it's true that he's involved in criminal activities.

Chapkin said he was going to speak to K. Probably his father-in-law Kusnetsov. I don't know where Romeo's contact is going, and I need to follow that briefcase. I'd better follow him.