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Part 39: Update 17 Bonus

Update 17 Bonus

Following Romeo:

We follow the cab.

Your failure results in severe disciplinary mesaures the nature of which is best left unmentioned here.

Talking to the surly blond man:

Afternoon, comrade.
I have a pistol aimed at your guts!
Go to hell!

Talking to Chapkin:

Comrade captain Chapkin?
So you're a criminal, Chapkin!
Who the hell are you?
A colleague.
Show me your ID.

You spend an uncomfortable couple of hours at Leningrad KGB. A surveillance mission requires discretion; your lack of it shouldn't prove too much of a handicap on the icebreaker Polar Enthusiasm, your new posting. Use the next five years to analyse your failings, comrade.

Here's the alternate choices:

Stay here:

That wasn't your most inspired decision, Rukov. You just lost your only lead! To fail on a mission as easy as this one is inadmissible and may very well be construed as sabotage. What future you have doesn't bear description.

Follow Romeo's contact's contact (Chapkin):

Your quarry is clearly in the habit of covering his tracks and knows the Leningrad Metro system by heart. You lose him! That means you have no more leads to follow and have therefore sabotaged your mission. Your future, needless to say, is not one many would care to share.