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Part 45: Update 20 Bonus

Update 20 Bonus


Quiet, isn't it?
It gets livelier in the evening.
What kind of clients do you get?
Westerners, mainly.
I am a KGB officer!
Yes, comrade.
Any anti-social incidents to report?
None, comrade.


Comrade major Agabekov!

May I join you?
Go away, captain Rukov.
Could you spare me a cigar, comrade?
Rukov! A cigar? I hate the things. If you want to talk, come to my office.

I'm not certain if there's any consequences to this little conversation.

Talking to Obukov:

I am a KGB officer!
Let's see your ID.
Don't push me, comrade. Just answer my questions.
Just show me your ID.

You could be in trouble.
I'm listening.
Your papers, please.
You're a long was from home, Rukov. When I know who you are, maybe I'll talk to you. Now leave me alone.


I followed you from the warehouse.

We'll discuss that later.
Leave me alone. Stay away from me.

You can get away with talking to Obukov once. Let's keep pressing him.

Waiting for someone?
Barman! This person is making obscene advances!
I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave. There are plenty of other bars for your kind!

We go back in.

I must insist you go away. I can't have perverts sniffing round the clients!

You are shown out of the cocktail bar.

We go back in once again.

You're like a dog after a bitch in heat!

We go back in.

We try to go back into the cocktail bar.

You are not permitted to enter the bar or wander round the hotel!

We try to leave, but the militia arrive.