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Part 47: Update 21 Bonus

I saw you link this thread in Bobbin's Deus Ex LP, Xander. Thanks a ton.

Calling Department P

We go into the phone booth and call home.

This is an answering machine. State your full name and address clearly. You will be contacted at the appropriate time. Remember, comrade, the enemy is everywhere! Speak...

Glory to the party!

If you threaten Cut-throat when you first talk to him, you get a single answer wrong, or you say you don't know an answer:

If you say you found nothing in Agabekov's office:

Your lack of zeal means I can't trust you, Rukov. We particularly counted on your discovering something to compromise Agabekov. Sorry.

If you try to attack Cut-throat:

If you wait too long (half an hour or so past the meeting time) before meeting with Cut-throat: