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Part 50: Garbage Disposal

Update 23 – Garbage Disposal

Time to clean up that mess. I'd better not move it just yet. It would be better to scout around first.

We step out into the hallway and head down the stairs.

Another receptionist. I guess the other one went home for the day.

Evening, comrade.
Evening, comrade.
I'm dying for a drink. Do you have a bottle to share, comrade?
No, comrade.
Any suspicious characters in the hotel?
No, comrade.

You instruct him to...wake you up at 6 AM.
We don't pander to decadent impulses, comrade!

We head on outside.

I can't drop the body out of my window because it would land right in the street. Maybe I can drop it from the other side?

We go to the alleyway behind the hotel.

If I dropped it out of a window on the west side, it would land in the alleyway. That would attract much less attention. First, though, I have to get these two bums out of there.

Inspect the first drunk
A down-at-heel drunk.

Inspect the second drunk
A very drunk down-at-heel drunk.

May I join you, comrades?
Well now, brother comrade. It's not that I don't want you. It's just that my friend is pathologically averse to strangers
Skin and bones!
Why aren't you two at home in bed?
Bed? Home? Why? You raise painful issues I'd prefer to leave unbroached, comrade investigator.
Skin and bones!
I'm afraid you can't stay here, comrades.
Why would that be, comrade president?
Skin and bones!
You two! Get out of here!
We like it here, general comrade secretary.
Skin and bones!
I'll inform the hotel manager of your presence!
Why? Do you think he'll offer us a room?
Skin and bones!
I'll call the militia and have you removed!
Now there's an excellent idea!
Skin and bones!
KGB! Move!
Arrest us, comrade general! A night in the cells would be welcome!
Skin and bones!
Please go away.
It's pointless appealing to the accommodating citizen in me! Besides, I know you're not real.
Damn lazy bums, getting in the way of my plans. Now what could I do to get them out of here?

We return to the upstairs corridor.

I'll try all apartment doors on the western side; see if any of them will open.

The last door on the left is unlocked.

It's too dark in here to see. Hopefully the drunk is out cold and won't notice if I turn the light on.

I can think of several uses for this. I hope he won't mind if I take it.

We turn off the light and go back to our room.

We take Viktor's corpse out of the closet.

We pour the vodka all over Viktor's corpse.

Can't hurt to take a drink.

Um, what? We wait for official authorization.

On second thought, it looks a little strong for me. Anyway, Savinkov suggested that I pass Viktor off as a drunk, so that's what I'm doing. I have one other use in mind for this liquor...

Back in the alleyway...

We give the hard liquor to the drunks. That'll keep them busy for a while.

Ah, comrade! May you be forever protected from the chekists!

Whew. That's one problem taken care of...

Back in the hotel lobby...

Actually, even if I get rid of the drunks. I still have a problem. If I drop the body out of the west window, I'll still have to drag him all the way over to the canal. That would attract the wrong kind of attention. What can I do to fix this problem?

Ah yes, the wheelchair. If I recall, the day receptionist Bielkin said it belonged to his son. He also said his son never uses it, so he probably won't miss it. It would also help cover for why Viktor's so stiff.
Don't touch that, comrade! My colleague Bielkin won't let anyone use it. It belonged to his son. The poor devil died a year ago, but Bielkin refuses to believe it. A sick man, Bielkin. Never misses a day, though!
I can't sleep! Some character is making enough noise to wake the dead!
Irresponsible hooligan elements have infiltrated every sector of the social tissue. I shall investigate!

He leaves, and we quickly grab the wheelchair.

Inspect the wheelchair
A relatively unused wheelchair, not unlike uncle Vanya's.

We dump the wheelchair in the alleyway, and then return to our hotel room.

We dump him out the window.

After a mad dash back to the alleyway...

We stick Viktor in a wheelchair.

We push him out to the canal behind the hotel. Two militiamen show up to hassle us.

: Little late for a walk, no? And too cold to be sitting outside!
You'll catch pneumonia, comrade.
Looks like he already caught it!
Smells like he swallowed a distillery!
Can't blame him, poor devil. Stuck in a wheelchair like that.
Well, get some fresh air into him, then bed!

They leave.

Whew. That was a close one.

We drive the wheelchair close to the canal and take Viktor out of the wheelchair.

We make sure no one's looking, and then dump him in the canal.