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Part 52: Welcome to the Hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda

Update 24 - Welcome to the Hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda

Our dirty business finished, we head back to the hotel lobby.

Hey! That's no toy! And it's not yours. If Bielkin learns of this...

Bielkin's lucky we didn't just dump his wheelchair in the canal.

Back in our hotel room...

I'll try calling KGB Moscow again. I have a lot of things to report.

Damn it. Maybe somebody cut the line while I was out dumping the body. Or maybe it's just part of yet another modernization project.

We go back to the lobby to ask the receptionist about the phones.

My phone doesn't work.
It works, comrade. It has simply been disconnected, like all the others. The initiative is in line with hotel production drive committee directive 37. All phones are re-connected at 7 AM.
Just as I thought. Anyway, I'll be meeting with Savinkov at about 9:30. That should give me enough time to go back to Hammer and Sickle Street and get my listening device.

We go back to the warehouse.

Around the back...

Inspect the backstreet
Even more sinister than the front, if that's possible.

The bartender in that place probably isn't interested in seeing me again. I'll go through the bathroom window.

Spy work sure is glamorous.

We climb back in through the bathroom window.

We use our old skylight route to return to the warehouse.

We pick up our trusty recorder.

Doesn't seem like there's anybody around here. I guess I could have just come in through the front door. I guess I don't need to listen through those headphones, then. Damn, those things are uncomfortable.

We unplug the headphones and start playing the last couple of recordings. We switch back to voice-activated mode, just to see what it's like.


Recording 14
Start of recording timed at 7:01 pm.

There you are, Sergei Antonovitch.
What's the news, boss?
It's for tomorrow night.
Why good?
I'm going up to the walls waiting.
Well, it's nearly over. An excellent deal!
Let's hope so, boss. I'll call Yakuchev, then.
Fine. Day after tomorrow. Give us time to bring the merchandise in.
OK. You'll be leaving soon?
In a few minutes. I'll give you a shout.
Right. I'll phone Yakuchev.

End of recording timed at 7:02 pm.

This voice-activated mode seems kind of pointless. You have to push a button to rewind and fast-forward anyway, so why bother? Well, it feels nice and futuristic. I guess that's a plus.

Recording 15
Start of recording timed at 7:02 pm.

We can't hear it because the sound's too far away.

End of recording timed at 7:02 pm.

That must have been the phone call Savchenko made to Yakuchev. Shame I couldn't hear it. Time to return to my hotel. I hope I'm not too late.

We head out.

Whew. Just in time.

9:34 PM

Savinkov arrives.

Your instructions have been obeyed, comrade major.
Good work. Department P is less than perfect, Rukov. Your presence should help us improve our performance considerably!
Nice to get some compliments for once. I think I like Savinkov.
Now, Rukov. Let me give you your instructions. Go to the hotel SYEVYERNAYA ZVYEZDA and see what you can learn about whoever it was who sent the two killers after you. Be here in your room at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. I'll want to listen to any recordings you have made, so make sure you have the recorder you were given in Moscow.

With that, he leaves.

Syevyernaya Zvyezda! Quite a name for a hotel. I went there before when I was tailing Obukov to his meeting with Mr X.

We head on inside.

Sliunkov and Burlatski. Those are the two men who tried to kill me. I'd better remember those names.

Evening, comrade.
What's your name?
Pavel Gorski.
I suppose you get some interesting foreigners here.
I'm merely a receptionist, comrade. I don't know about such things.
Would you prefer this city to be called Leningrad or St. Petersburg?
St. Petersburg. Better for tourism.
Are Sliunkov and Burlatski back yet?
You think I know everyone who comes through this place?
I know something that will make him more talkative.
I'm from KGB. Take a look at my ID.

He takes a look at your ID.

If I can be of assistance, captain, don't hesitate to see me.
They said you'd give me the key to a certain room.
Which room might that be, comrade captain?
Room 304.
Forgive me, comrade captain, but I'll need instructions from comrade captain... from Department 7, that is.
Comrade captain, eh? There's two captains in Department 7: Drobnista and Chapkin. I doubt he was referring to that idiot Drobnista.

Inspect Gorski
He's clearly ill at ease in your presence, despite a respectful attitude.

Who used room 304 earlier this evening?
One of the girls uses that room. Try the cocktail bar, comrade captain. You should find out there.
One of the girls? What girls?
The, uh, escort girls. You'll find some in the cocktail bar.
So this is a brothel. No wonder foreign clients like this place so much.
Can't you tell me which girl?
I don't know.
How about Sliunkov and Burlatski?
I don't know those names, comrade captain.
Well, he wasn't of much help. I'll try the cocktail bar, and see if any of the hookers know anything.

Not all that crowded. Surprising for a place like this. I'll get a drink first before I start the investigation.

Inspect the barman
A professionally-amiable barman.

Can I offer you a drink?
No thank you, sir.

Ask for...a drink
Certainly, sir.

This must be a good place to work!
I meet many interesting people.

Ask for...his name

Quiet, isn't it?
It's not a busy time of year.
Where is everybody?
Everybody, sir?
The local businessmen, tourists, foreign journalists...
It's a quiet week.
I am a KGB officer, you know.
Pleasure-seeking tourists and profiteering imperialist capitalists do not often come at this time of year.

Talk about...the KGB.
Like dentists, sir. Nobody loves them, but someone has to extract the rotten teeth!

Ask about...his daytime colleague.
He'll be here tomorrow, sir.

Ask about...Leningrad night-life
You are experiencing it now, sir.

Ask about...gangsterism in the hotel.
There is none, sir.

Ask 304
: I've never visited it, sir. I'm sure it resembles the others.

I'm looking for Sliunkov and Burlatski.
Never heard of them.

Ask about...Yakuchev.
Can't help you, sir.

He wasn't of much help, either. At least he was friendly. Next time, we'll start chatting up prostitutes.