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Part 53: Update 24 Bonus

Update 24 Bonus

If you fail to dispose of the body, and it's still there when Savinkov walks in:

Rukov! Are you a complete cretin?

If you tell Savinkov you haven't disposed of the body:

Almost, comrade major.
Your incompetence and insolent disobedience have no place in Department P, Rukov! Your refusal to comply with perfectly simple instructions leaves me no choice but to take you off the case. I shall take care of matters myself!

A few years trudging around an arctic island, guarding a fish-processing plant from saboteurs, may help towards your rehabilitation. I wouldn't count on it, though.

The bartender inside the bar on Hammer and Sickle Street isn't easy to fool:

I don't like strangers I can't keep an eye on. Get out and stay out.

He kicks us out. We try going back in.