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Part 56: Room 416

Update 26 – Room 416

As much as I'd like to talk with Greenberg, Agent Wallace told me he couldn't be seen with me. Anyway, I've got much more important things to do.
I've got hard currency. Let's go where you can earn it!

You tell her she'll get paid later.

Naturally. But I want to see the money now.

You give her a good look at your spending power.

These American bills are so sexy. Let's go.

Business before pleasure, eh?
It allows me to devote myself completely to giving pleasure. So?
Here's your money.

So... tempted...
Actually, I just want to talk.

You carry your radio around with you?
Damn it! I'm such a moron!

You want to tell me your problems?
Can I look around the room?
Please. Help yourself.

So now what?
I'd like to ask you a question or two.
Whatever you want.
You need a powerful protector to work here.
Who is your boss?
Sorry. That's something I just can't tell you.
Even for $50?
I'll tell you anything, but not that.
I'd like to meet him. Or her.
I'll see what I can do. Come back tomorrow evening. Maybe I'll be able to help. That's all I can say about the subject right now.
Do you know a Viktor Sliunkov or a Piotr Burlatski?
Don't know them. Friends of yours?
They were here earlier, with another man.

Who uses the room the rest of the time?
No one. My boss, maybe, from time to time.
Do you work anywhere else?
You already know I use another room in this hotel.
When do you use it?
My boss tells me to use it sometimes. That's all I know, all right?
What's the number of the other room?
Well, I shouldn't tell you. But if you have $50, I might.

We hand over some more cash.

The room number is 416.
It's been nice talking, but we've run out of time. Come back soon!

Hell, I don't need to pay for sex. I bet I have a chance with those two girls back on Kursk street. Or that one bartender on Kursk street. Anyway, I'm a hundred dollars lighter and all I have is a room number. At least it was someone else's money.

We take the elevator up to floor 4.

Room 416, please.

No problem, comrade. Take the $10.

She grabs the $10 and lets you into the room.

Inspect Room 416
This is more comfortable than your room. A smell of cheap perfume hangs in the air.

Inspect the photo
These two young ladies are comforting each other.

Inspect the other photo
This young beauty is spending her holidays at the seaside.

Inspect the TV
A recent model, providing incomparably uplifting Soviet entertainment for the jaded globetrotter.[/i]

Inspect the window
A splendid view of Leningrad by night.

Seems like a pretty normal brothel bedroom.

Inspect the bed
This bed has been hastily made, and not by an expert. You notice some dark stains on the bedcover... they could be blood, not more than a day old.

I take that back. Something nasty went on here not too long ago. Wait a minute. That mirror looks strange.

Only one thing to do. We pick up the ashtray from the table, and...

With an ear-splitting crash, the ashtray smashes the mirror! Beyond the hole you just made in the wall, you can see a well-equipped spy-hole!

Hopefully nobody heard that. A spy hole, eh? Damn perverts. Fortunately, it looks big enough to crawl through without getting cut up.

We crawl through the broken mirror.

Film equipment? Damn it all. They're making snuff films in here, aren't they? Tamara seemed like a nice enough girl, but if she's using this room that must mean she's involved somehow.

Inspect the room
This has clearly been transformed into an observation post, for spying on room 416.

Inspect the photograph
A pink young woman facing away from the camera.

Looks like there's porn in here too. Probably to keep the cameraman entertained while he films the brutal murders happening in the next room over.

Inspect the TV
Probably for reviewing taped “meetings” in 416.

Inspect the TV camera
A sophisticated Japanese model.

Inspect the VCR
The latest in video technology.

Inspect the framed snapshot
A marriage photograph, showing a young woman flanked on one side by a proud captain Chapkin and on the other by comrade Kusnetsov.

Chapkin and Kusnetsov. I knew it. I already knew Chapkin had ties to the snuff film trade, so this doesn't really come as a surprise. Burlatski mentioned that the guy who put out a hit on me had dark hair. Kusnetsov's hair is brown, and Chapkin's is black, so I'm leaning towards Chapkin.

We climb back out of room 418.

We head back to the lobby.