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Part 64: Two Meetings

Update 30 – Two Meetings

11:15 AM

We are waiting by the phone booth when suddenly the phone rings.

We let it ring three times before answering. Not that it matters which option you pick here.

It's me.
Identify yourself.
Rukov here.

I hope to learn something later on.

Matsnev's a boat. It's leaving Quay 19 around 2 pm today.
Very well. I may have the beginnings of something interesting for you, concerning the criminal Yakuchev. I haven't yet discovered all his current activities but I know he served in Afghanistan with your Moscow friend, Verto.
As soon as I have his address, it will be communicated to you at your hotel. Tomorrow morning, probably. Any questions?

Tell me about Protopopov.
Protopopov? Can't help you. I'll try and find out.
Is it true that Kusnetsov deals with the Hammer and Sickle street gang?
Kusnetsov's functions may involve such activities.
Is it true that Kusnetsov intends killing Mechulaiev tonight?
I don't know. It is unlikely, in my view.
What can you tell me about Chapkin?
I can tell you little about officers working for Department 7, except that the group I represent considers your superior's attitude concerning Kusnetsov misplaced. For our part, we suspect Agabekov of self-seekerism and are convinced that if any serious case of corruption in Leningrad Department 7 does exist, then Agabekov is the most likely to be involved. We also suspect him of collusion with hostile foreigners.
Did Chapkin send two killers after me?
He may have done but it is of no consequence: Chapkin is a minor participant. I advise you to ignore him.
Does Kusnetsov know where Chapkin is?
I don't know. Kusnetsov, according to my sources, is in a buoyant mood this morning. I have little time, Rukov.
What do you know about Wallace?
She is the female CIA operative I mentioned last night. According to my information, she has now left for Helsinki. I don't know what she was doing here but we consider her as hostile.
Do you have anything on Greenberg?
He is a CIA agent considered useful to our current interests.
What do you know about Savinkov?
I know nothing of him. We have no reason to doubt his loyalty to colonel Galushkin.
Maybe my suspicions about him were just paranoia.
Why all the hidden coded messages?
Precautions. And a means of assessing your aptitudes.
Does that down-and-out in the alley work for you?
I don't know what you're talking about. I must go soon. Please be brief.
I'd like to know more about the people you represent.
You do not need to know any more than I have already told you. There is no reason to suspect me. I have answered all your questions. One more question.
What should I do?
I would advise you to examine all the information at your disposal, try and fit it together to understand the relations between all the people involved. You'll see that Agabekov is the key to the mystery.
That's all I wanted to know. How can I recontact you?
I'll contact you.

It still looks as if Cut-throat is working for Kusnetsov, but he's probably right about Agabekov. Anyway, my meeting with Greenberg is at noon, so I'd better get over to Ladoga Park.

12:00 PM

Greenberg arrives right on time.

You mentioned that name last night. What have you found out?

Sorry, I don't know anything about Protopopov.
Okay. I didn't really expect you to turn anything up.
I've got just one thing for you but it's good. I checked out that guy Yakuchev you asked me about and here's what I found. First, he's a mean son of a bitch who keeps himself well hidden. Second, he's Pamyat. If there's one thing I like less than KGB, it's Pamyat. Those ultra-nationalist neo-fascist Jew-haters make me very angry, my friend.

That's the end of the second chapter. Next time, we'll be disobeying Savinkov's direct orders and sneaking onto the Viktor Matsnev. The game doesn't give us a choice in the matter, but it still seems like the best course of action if we want to find out what's really going on. Stay tuned for another bonus update, and a recap of Chapter 2 in case you're feeling a bit lost.