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Part 65: Update 30 Bonus

Update 30 Bonus

Since there's only so many questions you can ask Cut-throat, I had to leave some out. Here's the rest.

Does Kusnetsov intend taking over the crack shipment?
Crack shipment? I don't know about that.
Did you find out about any incoming cargo ships?
A number of merchant ships. Nothing in particular though.
Tell me about Obukov.
Alfred Obukov is a criminal, recently arrived here. His record mentions drug-related misdemeanors. He appears to enjoy some sort of official protection. That's all I've had time to discover.
What can you tell me about Savchenko?
He's a small time gangster, working for a man called Mechulaiev in the warehouse in Hammer and Sickle street you asked me about.
Is Viktor Matsnev a fishing boat?
Do you know anyone who smokes cigars?
My father in Minsk. Nobody else in particular.
Aren't you manipulating me on Kusnetsov's behalf?

On the phone with Cut-throat:

Identify yourself.
You first.
Prove it.
Don't play games. Identify yourself.
I want proof that you're Cut-throat.
I have no proof. Either you identify yourself, or I'll ring off.
Sorry, comrade. I must insist.

I hope you put your finger on that Viktor Matsnev guy?
I was hoping you'd find out about him.
You're a fool, Rukov! You know Matsnev's making his move today but you don't know who or where he is! We're out of the game, and all because of your incompetence. I knew we couldn't trust you.

Cut-throat rings off, and the hobo pumps you full of lead yet again.

While talking with Greenberg:

I'm not here to give information to a foreign intelligence officer!
Now that's more like the KGB goons I'm used to dealing with. You can go straight to hell, Rukov!