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Part 70

Update 33

Maks paces back and forth across the room, trying to project an air of authority and control. He observes things with an idle curiosity.

The professor has a bird-like character, with beady, darting eyes.

: How can I be of help?

: Well well... uh... well. Professor Tsibulenko. Interfering with a KGB officer on active duty. Just an accident, it would seem. Overtly dedicated to your duties?

: Classified information, comrade captain. Let's just say that I work in the field of personality reconstructing.

: This is an official investigation. I want details.

: Your colleague, major Agabekov, knows everything. If he hasn't informed you, you mustn't expect me to.

: He ordered me to investigate. I expect full cooperation.

: Feel free to inspect our facilities, but don't expect me to divulge state secrets!

Maks paces back and forth, trying to look undiscouraged. He examines the equipment behind Tsibulenko.

A microphone is pointed into the green room. It is connected to the large amplifier. The amplifier has a number of wires coming out of it. It's connected to the red light bulb, the loudspeaker and the directional microphone in the green room wall cavity. A couple of wires connect the amplifier to the rubber plant.

: Describe all this equipment and its role in your research.

: I use these items for my work. They are of little interest, and I would prefer not to reveal classified information.

: Very well, Tsibulenko. I respect such consciousness.

: Thank you, comrade captain.

: What were you going to do to Protopopov, and why?

: I see.

Maks paces back and forth once more, idly inspecting the lab.

: Ah! My E.S.P cards. I use them to test extra-sensory perception. It's very simple, if you care to use them. You pick a card without seeing which of the five symbols is printed on its front side. The idea is to guess the symbol. You note down your guess, and move on to the next card. When you've done all 25, you check your answers. If you got more than five guesses right, you have E.S.P talent. Chance being what it is, it is advisable to repeat the experiment at leas three times.

We can't actually test Maks for E.S.P though. As a good communist, he does not believe in superstitious rubbish anyway.

: What do you know about New Birth?

: A secret code-name, I suppose. This is the first I've heard of it.

: Tell me about nurse Saneyeva.

: She seemed competent. Your colleague will surely convince her to explain herself.

: Who and where is Protopopov?

: I know no more than Litvinov. It seems that Protopopov was kidnapped by men in masks.

: Stonewalled at every turn. Time to start pressing buttons.

The lab door clicks. The green diode besides the button you just pushed goes out, while the red diode flashes on.

: PLEASE - don't do that. I must keep the doors open. In case of an emergency, you see.

: That's a start. What about...

From the outside, the cabinet looks like a solidly built closet. Looking inside it, you see an astonishing array of wires, loudspeakers, and eye-level screens, with just enough space for a person to stand in the center.

: Please do not tamper with the equipment. This is a very fragile apparatus.

: And now for some metaphorical buttons.

: Tell me about your patients.

: The three men? Deeply psychotic, all of them. My work may provide hope for such cases. I can tell you no more.

: Are they schizophrenic like me?

: A regrettable error, for which I've apologized. Don't let it rankle, captain. Paranoia can be quite the handicap in your profession.

: What is that big cabinet for?

: That is not a question I am at liberty to discuss.

: Your attitude could get you into deep trouble, Tsibulenko.

: Hmph. Address your complaints directly to the major, if you please.

: Explain your relations with Agabekov.

: He hasn't told you? If your superior hasn't, then I won't.

: Agabekov is not my superior.

: A major is not superior to a captain? Come now, comrade.

: Agabekov and I do not work together.

Tsibulenko suddenly bolts out the door and into the green room!

: Oh no you don't!

You hear his shouts through the loudspeaker on the table...

: Open the doors, Rukov!

: Do not be alarmed. Be seated, if you wish. No harm will come to you.

: You have no right to lock me in here! I command you to open the doors!

: Very interesting, I'm sure. But first, my questions?

: Open the doors and I will forget this incident.

The red light-bulb blinks.

: Tell me about your work.

: You are a fool! Open the doors.

The light does not react.

: Tell me about Agabekov.

: There is no point to continuing this farce, comrade. You'll get nothing out of me!


: Tell me about Protopopov.

: Just open the doors, Rukov! Press the button on the bench!

No blink.

: What were you doing to Protopopov and why?

: There is no way you can force me to talk!


: Do you know Savinkov?

: You need treatment, Rukov!

No blink.

: Perhaps you should take a few minutes to calm down.

Rukov waits nonchalantly. Tsibulenko replies within a minute.

: I am a psychiatrist! I heal people whose minds are deranged. That's all.

The red bulb is blinking constantly now, so I'll only make note when it does not.

: A lie. Tell me about your work.

: I have already fully explained all that!

: Very well. Describe all this equipment and its role in your research.

: Mere monitoring equipment. The plant reacts to volume and sends a signal to the amplifier, which in turn flashes the red light-bulb. It's an experiment to see at what volume the plant begins to deteriorate.

: Are you sure that's all you can tell me about your equipment?

: I have answered this question already!

No blink.

: Tell me about the patients.

: Sick men. Schizophrenics. I'm doing what I can to save them.

: Explain your relationship with Agabekov.

: As you know, Protopopov was removed before I could see him.

: What do you know about New Birth?

: Nothing.

No blink.

: Tell me about nurse Saneyeva.

: I saw her rarely and had no particular opinion of her.

: Tell me more about Saneyeva.

: Just a nurse. Another uniform to me.

: What were you doing to Protopopv and why?

: Just another patient I was asked to examine.

: Do you know Savinkov?

: No.

: I want to know about Litvinov.

: He is an excellent administrator and a fine communist.

: Really? That empty suit?

: An example of Soviet manhood at its most admirable.

: What's that big cabinet for?

: Stay away from there Rukov, for your own good!

No blink.

: This is going to far, captain. Release me, we both have work to do!

: Hmm. Perhaps a few hours in there will make you relaxed enough to cooperate.

: Open the doors, Rukov!

Maks steps into the cabinet.

You close the door and stand in darkness...

A little overwhelmed by the vision of your dead father, you step back into the laboratory. It takes a moment for Tsibulenko's shrill screams to reach you.

: I can cut out the diseased portions of your warped brain! Let me help you!


: Excellent. Tell me about your work.

: My work is revolutionary, Rukov! First, the subjects personality is eliminated. I create a blank mind, which I provide with an entirely new personality! What's more, I can create multiple personalities in one subject! Completely different people in one body! These are the early days, naturally, but soon my dream will be a reality!

: So the patients here...

: Are my guinea-pigs. Golubev in room 3 was the first.

: You can switch between them with the trigger word "Saliva", but he remains an imbecile. Rechetov is room 1 is an improvement. I managed to give him two new identities. The trigger-word to switch is "Pavlov". Unfortunately, both identities share the same kind of personality. Tiskyevich in room 2 is my most recent acquisition. A fine mind, if socially unsound. His memory is now reduced to almost nothing. He craves an identity, memories, likes and dislikes! Soon he will have three distinct personalities, all different. Maybe more. Why not ten or even fifty!

: What were you going to do to Protopopov and why?

: My orders were to check the stability of his new personality. I was told nothing more. Agabekov was to give me more instructions today.

: Tell me about nurse Saneyeva.

: Litvinov was a fool to employ her! I inspected her belongings; she's a religious fanatic, a member of Pamyat! Pamyat is "Memory", as you know. I could have treated her to some real memories. Instead she prefers the naive fantasies of those rabid revolutionaries. She's in love with an artist that paints religious scenes!

: Right. And... what is that big cabinet for?

: I used the memories he discovered deep in his mind to create a new identity for him. Some subjects also display a heightened level of perception after a session.

Maks unlocks the door and steps inside the green room.

: I supppose basic human kindness requires me to help him. Siiiigh.

The guards drag the inert Tsibulenko into the store-room at the end of the hall, and lock the door.

: One way to do it, I guess. Let's see what effect our magic words have.

: Hey buddy - Pavlov.

: What can you tell me about Protopopov or his kidnappers?

: Sir, I know nothing, I swear!

: What about Agabekov?

: There was a cobbler named Agabekov in our village. He went to war and got killed. In 1915, I think. Three years ago.

: Litvinov?

: Aha. Tsibulenko?

: A man of vision!

: Get some rest.

In the next room:

: Pavlov.

: Fair enough. And I don't really expect much from Golubev, but...

: Saliva.

: Where are we taking him?... To the Motherland. Quickly now! Careful!... Damn, it's heavy. Just don't drop it. We need Sleeping Beauty here in good shape...

The patient is catatonic, and fails to react to outside stimuli.

: A clue. A clue I have no idea how to decipher, but a clue nonetheless! Tsibulenko, for the first and last time in your miserable sadistic career, your mad doctor skills came in handy.

: Tsibulenko is having some sort of attack.

: Yes, that happens sometimes. He prefers to be left alone when that happens. He feels ashamed. A strange attitude, in my opinion.

: I would like nurse Saneyeva's address.

: Major Agabekov took all the information regarding her.

: Well. Give my regards to the major then, and tell him I hope to see him soon.

: Uh... certainly, comrade captain.

We leave the building and head back to Hotel Гостиница.

: I'd take care, if I were you; he's Pamyat! Why they choose to call themselves "Memory", I can't imagine. One more thing though - you may be too late already!

Your down and out informant shuffles off down a side street and is soon out of sight.

Join Maks next update, as he hunts the most dangerous prey of all.