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Part 71: Update 32-33 Bonus

Updates 32-33 bonus

First things first - let's talk about

The game does you a bit of a kindness by outright eliminating the warehouse and Hotel Severnaya Zvezda as locations you may waste time at. (Probably a space-saving measure when the game was shipped on several floppy discs?)

However, this means you only get to Department 7 after Agabekov departs.

At 10:15 (the time you're supposed to meet Savinkov):

Didn't you overhear any conversations aboard the Victor Matsnev?

Is the game taking mercy on us? How odd.

We had an odd option when trying to follow Agebekov:

etc..., you return to your hotel a better citizen.

Obviously, this means we can't get to the institute. If we wait at the hotel, we get essentially the same game over:

Should we refuse to show our I.D to the guards three times (!):

There is nothing left to do but lament this failure.

We can't actually leave until you've entered the cabinet to talk to your father and got the information from Golubev:

If we wait until 11:30, anywhere within the institute:

A pity to have failed at this stage.

If we wait outside the institute:

When we first meet Litvinov, we get the best dialog options:

: B-but I am innocent! I obeyed Major Agabekov's instructions to the letter!

: Precisely! Conspiring with Agabekov, eh?

: Oh! That... alters the situation. I must insist that you leave. Guards!

If we merely state that

: If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear.

: I... realize that, comrade.. Soviet justice is so... exemplary.

Once stuck inside Tisulenko's green room, we get one chance to do anything other than answer his questions. He will ask us again in a few minutes:

Though he claims

: I'm prepared to wait for as long as necessary.

He won't actually contact us again. We're stuck there until 11:30, at which point the guards walk in to arrest us.

Now, on to:

Department 7 is actually one of the few optional locations we can go to, and hosts one of the few optional conversations we can have:

: Papers!
: Inquiries officer here... A captain Rukov of Department P is here.. I understand... At once.

No pass = no way up. If we loiter here instead of outside, we'll miss Agabekov.

Golubev and Comrade Disoriented don't have any interesting optional conversations, but Rechetov:

: They will be dealt with in the usual manner.

: Please, comrade, they are innocent! I alone am guilty of collusion with the reactionary imperialist warmongering counter-revolutionaries.

: Which counter-revolutionaries?

: They will be cared for.

: Yes, comrade. Thank you.


: White guards and Bolshevik army?

: Comrade Trotsky will chase the English into the sea!

: The English?

: Bloated plutocrats! Their king is related to the tzar, whose pitiless cossacks continue to plunder mother Russia!

: I'm here to help you.

: Can you take me to my family?

: Where are they?

: In the next village.

: Village? This is Leningrad!

: Maybe we could phone them?

: Phone them? But they are innocent!

: Get some rest, comrade.

: Yes, comrade. Thank you.

We went over Tsibulenko's conversations fairly thoroughly, but:

: You want to eliminate what you perceive to be the source of your frustration! Why not calm down or a few minutes?

If we answer the preliminary questions with the obvious answers, Tsibulenko praises us, with some reservations:

: You have so far been honest. What is your name?

: Maxim Rukov.

: You really believe that! Fascinating.

Moving forward a bit:

: Do you think art is a significant aspect of culture?

: Naturally.

: A morbid interest in art. That is a clear symptom of pre-schizophrenia.

: I don't know / who cares / no.

: I see. An inability to adopt to cultural norms. A clear-cut case of pre-schizophrenia. Have you always been a traitor, Protopopv?

: The question is loaded.

: A classic paranoid response.

: Treason is a relative concept, don't you agree?

: Turning the tables on me? Paranoid pre-schizophrenics often resort to that ruse.

: I am not a traitor!

: Excessive defensiveness is not uncommon in paranoid pre-schizophrenia.

Guys, I think Tisbulenko is not entirely unbiased. In fact, he just might fail the Rosenhanov test.

: You seem to think I wish to harm you, Protopopv. In fact, I want to help. Will you trust me?

: No. I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you!

: That answer was at least frank. I am intrigued by this new personality you seem to have developed. Excuse me for a moment or two.

We went over most of Tsibulenko's conversation tree in the lab, but we did miss:

: Naturally. I was merely testing you, Tsibulenko.

: Standard KGB technique, no doubt.


: A major is not a superior to a captain?! Come now, comrade.

: So you know about such things?

Once Tsibulenko is locked in the green room:

: Describe all this equipment and its role in your research.

: What you see is monitoring equipment.

: The reaction is relayed to the amplifier and then to the red light-bulb. This allows me to monitor the effectiveness of the delusions I induce in my subjects.

: What do you know about New Birth?

: Nothing. I tell you, I know nothing about any New Birth!

: Describe your relations with Agabekov.

: I was to receive precise details today... But are you are aware, Protopopov disappears. I did not do the work on Protopopov, and have never seen him.

: Do you know Savinkov?

: I met him once. Agabekov takes orders from him. I know nothing more.

: What can you tell me about Litvinov?

: A bumbling oaf, I tell you. A party yes-man. He has ulcers.

: Who and where is Protopopv?

: I don't know who or where he is. I never saw him!

Should you unlock the doors before Tsibulenko passes out:

: He left the building, comrade captain.

: Oh? I have no idea, I'm afraid.

As far as I know, there are no particular consequences to this, provided you already got the code-word for Golubev.

On the way out of the institute:

: Pavlov.
Your family will be dealt with in the usual manner.

: They are innocent, comrade... I mean sir! Only I colluded with the Bolshevik filth!

: Bolshevik filth?

: What do you imagine will happen to them?

: Now that my house has been confiscated by the glorious forces of the White guards, what will my loved ones do?

: White guards?

: Heroes! Selfless patriots who give their lives to stop the red tide!

: Death to Lenin!

: Rest easy, comrade.

: Comrade?! Yes... thank you.

Last but not least, if we head into the room across from ours at the hotel, clicking on the phone will give us:

This will become a bit more clear in the next update.