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Kamek's Revenge

by raocow

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Original Thread: Click here to go to an LP of a Yoshi Island RomHack called Kamek's Revenge.



Hey there everyone!

It's been a while since I've been playing Super Mario World hacks, so it's about time I played hacks of the sequel! Thing is, there are like two completed Yoshi Island hacks ever, and one of them was masterfully completed by Clownbirth. Regardless, this is it, Kamek's Revenge.

It's made by the dude that did Mario Keytastrophy (I can't find a link to it right now, but here's Cali's LP of it.), which is an excellent puzzle-based SMW hack - this would be his prior work. All the normal levels are done as well as the first two extra levels; he has said however that he'll never work on it again ever so it's pretty much as completed as it'll ever get.

For more info or to download the .ips patch, just mosey on over here!

Alright, now for the thread itself! By popular request I'll be doing this thing blind (except for the intro bit, which I had played to make sure everything was working as it should), at the rythm of one level per update. It may last 5 minutes, it may last half an hour: only time will tell.

With that said, on with the show!


Introduction - Yoshi's Island TrainingDailyMotion  
1-1: A Shy Guy WelcomeDailyMotion  
1-2: Saws and the DonutDailyMotion  
1-3: The Cave of the Arrow PuzzleDailyMotion  
1-4: Fatness FortressDailyMotion  
1-5: The Sunny PlainsDailyMotion  
1-6: Platform PerilsDailyMotion  
1-7: A Flowery FinaleDailyMotion  
1-8: Salvo's RevengeDailyMotion  
1-E: Super Mario WhirledDailyMotion  
2-1: The Cave of Twilight TerrorDailyMotion  
2-2: The Nimbus SprintDailyMotion  
2-3: The Haunted GarrisonDailyMotion  
2-4: The Edge of the SkyDailyMotion  
2-5: Landfall Ho!!!DailyMotion  
2-6: The Passage to Mt. StoneDailyMotion  
2-7: Mt. StoneDailyMotion  
2-8: Summit Floral FortressDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
2-E: The Quaint FieldDailyMotion  
3-1: The Skiing DescentDailyMotion  
3-2: The Cave of Eternal IceDailyMotion  
3-3: Blizzard ValleyDailyMotion  
3-4: Froggy's Warm Sunny CastleDailyMotion  
3-5: Chomp CountryDailyMotion  
???: Guard Fortress & Fly Like the Wind!DailyMotion  
3-6: The Quarry- Starlit WondersDailyMotion  
3-7: The Quarry- Spooky SprintDailyMotion  
3-8: Rocky Castle of Chance..DailyMotion  
Bonus: Chipmunk raocow Presents: Why I won't be 100%ing Kamek's RevengeDailyMotion  
4-1: Automn ForestDailyMotion  
4-2: The Monkey's Fairground FunDailyMotion  
4-3: Green Green BayDailyMotion  
4-4: Crumbling Aquatic PalaceDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
4-5: Shell Shocked and Sunk!DailyMotion  
4-6: The Cave of Jungle FeverDailyMotion  
4-7: The Mys-Tik ForestDailyMotion  
4-8: The Ancient KoopalopolisDailyMotion  
5-1: Hot StrideDailyMotion  
5-2: Novaglint CrematoryDailyMotion  
5-3: The Eternal Palace - LobbyDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
5-4: The Eternal PalaceDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
5-5: Balloon BarrageDailyMotion  
5-6: Poochey and the EggDailyMotion  
5-7: Morhper's MaladyDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
5-8: Factorium MechanusDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
6-1: City of InterlopingDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
6-2: Fuzzy Road to Rock and Roll!!DailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
6-3: Blarrg's BoilerDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
DailyMotion part 3  
6-4: The Castle of Fallen SpiritsDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
6-5: The Cave of InfinityDailyMotion  
6-6: The Eggs! They do Nothing!DailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
6-7: Kamek's RevengeDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
6-8: The Climactic FinaleDailyMotion part 1DailyMotion part 2
DailyMotion part 3  
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