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Part 147: "Succubus-san is a Real Adult” (Pt. 2)

Interviews with Monster Girls, Episode 3: "Succubus-san is a Real Adult” (Pt. 2)

Now we go back to the biology prep room, where Takahashi’s expanding his notes and reflecting on just how many demis he’s run into in such a short time.

Hikari swans in, complaining about the heat…

… Before popping between him and his computer to read what’s on the screen. When she asks about her part in all this, he tells her he’s been taking down notes on their interviews…

… Especially the connection between bloodsucking and sexuality, which embarrasses her. He apologizes for taking her out of her comfort zone, leaving her feeling on the back foot. And she responds by…


She responds by pretending she isn’t embarrassed at all.

And he takes her at her word.

And he asks Hikari how it compares to kissing and sex. She nearly shuts down as sekusu echoes dramatically in the background, but she pulls herself together, protesting she doesn’t know because she has no romantic experience (though apparently she did suck someone’s blood once). And he keeps fucking pressing! Halfway through growing her about her opinion on similar things in movies…

… The part of his brain that isn’t playing amateur anthropologist realizes he’s gone a bit too far.

He starts rambling about how it changes from person to person over time to dig himself out of it…

… Before he realizes that he may be off base and bloodsucking’s sexual connotations might reflect cultural rather than biological factors. And then he starts rambling about how it might relate to sex again. Finally, Hikari snaps, has him come closer…

… And tries to take back control of the situation by kissing him on the cheek and declaring that kissing is easier than bloodsucking.

Motherfucker no-sells it. While she stands there blushing, he just turns around and jots that down like she told him her opinions on garlic.

As she yells at him not to write it down, Takahashi reflects that Hikari just isn’t ready to talk about this yet. Fuck, man, who’d’ve thought? He wonders what demis with more romantic investment might think about such situations.

Cut to the two demis romantically invested in him. Kyouko’s homeroom teacher asked her to carry a heavy box to the school library, and Satou had to step in because apparently this teacher couldn’t conceive of how that might be an issue. They both settle in and start filing books out of the box and into the shelves.

Kyouko informs Satou that she seems like the sort of person who has plenty of relationship experience.

She doesn’t have the balls to deny it and start playing along while Kyouko confesses she has a crush…

… On Takahashi.

Satou silently agrees.

Wipe cut to Takahashi in the hallway.

He sees Yuki in the hallway and calls out to her, but those two guys who literally bumped into Satou earlier swing by mid-call, walk up to her, and one of them asks her out. She emphatically refuses and retreats.

After he whacks both of them on the head for scaring her off, the two turn around to Takahashi to complain about them taking out his anger on them. Which he just acknowledges, and then they move past it while he tries to figure out how to put it.

He spends so long thinking about what he has to say to Yuki and how he wants to say it a crowd gathers to spectate. The boys comment that that while they don’t really mind his behavior, he is kind of weird.

Do teachers hit children in Japanese schools? Like, I know he’s not beating them, but if this happened where I live the whole town would know immediately because they’d smell the oncoming string of lawsuits.

Back in the library, Kyouko and Satou are still talking about Takahashi; Kyouko’s confiding her worries about not meeting his standards, and Satou’s trying desperately to keep her feelings under wraps and act like the experienced, mature, supportive figure Kyouko thinks she is instead of a hapless dork.

She tries to deflect attention by giving genuinely good advice; a lot of the confidence and maturity kids see when they look at adults is just a front put up for the benefit of others; it protects them, making them look better. This goes double for teachers, who want to look good to their students. Kyouko asks if that applies to Satou, too.

Sheout loud refuses to commit.

She narrates that it absolutely does. Hearing her seiyuu hiss “so desu :byodood:” as the music briefly cuts out is a treat.

Kyouko asks if that applies to Takahashi as well, though, which makes Satou pause. They may both be teachers, but there’s actually a pretty big age gap there (he’s in his early 30s), so he comes off as mature to her too.

She starts talking about all the things she finds attractive about him: the way he balances a relaxed approach to life with reliability, his ability to connect with anyone, his respect for boundaries (yeah, sure)…

… Before realizing she just spent the last several seconds talking about how hot Kyouko’s crush is and tries to deflect attention back onto what she thinks. Kyouko agrees on all points…

… And adds his arms to the pile, which Satou loudly endorses.

Satou tries to pull the conversation back on track by recommending Kyouko changeup her appearance, maybe try a new hairstyle. But Kyouko explains that’s off the table for a couple of reasons. She could in theory grow her hair out, but if it got long enough to get in the way of her hands, it would make holding her head difficult and dangerous; she keeps it short for a reason. And while she could go for another short hairstyle…

… He did say once he liked how they have the same haircut, so she’s inclined never to change it again.

Satou fails to contain her jealousy.

Wipe cut to later in the day. Satou starts narrating again, retreading the beginning of the episode as she files way books with hilariously on-the-nose titles. E: to wit:

Ghost Car posted:

Almost all the book titles in that frame are really on the nose in some way:

Son of Man
Fictions (Borges)
Demons (Dostoyevsky)
No Longer Human (the original title of which can be more literally translated as "Disqualified from Being Human")
Something I can't make out because the subtitle is in the way, but the part that is visible says "Love"
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Vita Sexualis
The Living Corpse

I have no idea what Fictions is doing there, but otherwise, a lot of references to humanity and monstrousness along with romance/sex and loneliness.

Also, I don't know if it would provoke lawsuits, given that Japanese culture is kind of less litigious in general, but no, teachers don't commonly manhandle students like that. (In my experience, at least.)
But despite the ironic echo, the episode doesn’t end here.

Yuki’s walking through the halls at the end of the day when she hears voices in the girls’ bathroom.

Two girls are badmouthing her in there. Pretty strong stuff, too; they’re accusing her of being arrogant and superior, unwilling to give that one guy the time of day because she thinks she’s better than everyone.

She does not respond well.

Elsewhere in the school, as rain starts to come down outside, Hikari says goodbye to Takahashi in a typically excitable manner before dashing off.

As he makes his way up some stairs, he notices the stairwell is abnormally cold and full of fog.

It’s Yuki, crouched in a corner, letting off waves of cold air and only barely able to respond when he approaches her.

End episode.