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Part 80: Use-Mention Distinction

Update 72: Use-Mention Distinction (Act 3, Scenes 2-4)

:eng101: Shizune’s dad is… Not a nice person. If you have issues with abuse, you might want to skim or avoid the parts when he shows up. While he only appears here and briefly later in the route, he’ll be around until Friday. :eng101:

Katawa Shoujo OST - Ease

I sit down, ready to fish, although I'm not feeling very confident. Everyone else is already sitting, except Akira, who takes a seat next to me and throws her line out after taking off her suit jacket and rolling up her sleeves. Misha and Hideaki end up sitting on the shore and fishing together, as there's not enough room on the pier for everyone. Truth be told, I'd rather be sitting next to Shizune, but Akira seems approachable enough.

AKIRA: "Careful there, you're a little close. Don't tangle our lines, 'kay?"

HISAO: "So, you've never fished before?"

AKIRA: "No, but I've seen a bit of it on TV. I always wanted to catch one of those big fish with a sword for a face. Marlin, I think."

LILLY: "If I recall correctly, those are from the ocean; they are saltwater fish."

AKIRA: "I know that. Why's everyone acting like I don't know the difference between freshwater and saltwater fish?"

LILLY: "If you aren't careful, you'll scare off the fish, saltwater or not."

Akira's voice is somewhat loud between her attempts to both egg on Shizune and keep Lilly entertained, so she may have a point. My line doesn't seem to be picking up anything, but I don't know how much of that is down to Akira. Shizune does her best to relax in the sun, and pulls the look off very well, but I can tell that she'd be slightly put off by not knowing what's being talked about. Not having Misha around can be a real problem.

SHIZUNE: “[Hisao, what's the score so far? Are we winning? I hope we are, given that I've entrusted you with our team's success.]"

I manage to do some awkward signing with creative placement of my rod. It's probably close to being gibberish in spoken terms.

HISAO: "You're like, right there. Can't you tell?"

SHIZUNE: “[Disappointing; you let yourself get distracted. You have to stay focused.]"

HISAO: "Should have known. Well, it's 0-0 in any case."

Akira chuckles, although it's clear that really took the wind out of her sails.

HISAO: "Is it just numbers now, or are we keeping track of size, too?"

SHIZUNE: “[Both; grading matters.]"

HISAO: "Who's going to be grading them? Are you a certified fish judge?"

Shizune shakes her head to signify that she isn't.

SHIZUNE: “[...But it doesn't seem like it would be very hard. Tell Misha to stop flailing her hands around like that, it's scaring all the fish away. And ask Hideaki why he hasn't even bothered to cast yet.]"

I look over to the two and yell what Shizune said to them.

MISHA: "Shicchan, I think he's upset that he's stuck with the backup rod~!"

Since Misha is largely unable to sign anything coherently right now, she only gets a puzzled look from Shizune for a reply. Shizune just sighs after I translate it for her.

AKIRA: "Hey, even if you're depressed about it, you've got to try. You could catch the big one, for all you know. But you won't catch anything unless you do!"

I feel that at least half of her encouragement is because if Hideaki does catch “the big one,” she wants to be there to eat it, and having six people fishing just leads to better chances of catching something than having five. The constant awkward shuffling I have to do to communicate with Shizune, not to mention her increasing fidgeting, make me think it might be good to give her a go at fishing.

HISAO: "Hey guys, can we switch over now?"

AKIRA: "Sure. Lilly?"

LILLY: "No, no, please. I have no idea how to fish."

I sign what they say, given that I seem to have taken Misha's place as Shizune's interpreter right now.

SHIZUNE: “[How magnanimous of you, Lilly.]"

Oh boy, here we go. I don't bother translating what she says for fear of sparking another fight.

HISAO: "Shizune says you should at least try. It might even turn out to be fun."

LILLY: "Very well. Akira, how do you use this?"

AKIRA: "It's pretty simple..."

I wonder how ethical it is to purposely completely change what Shizune said like that.

At least it paid off.

LILLY: "...I think I understand. What bait do you think would be the best to use? I'd prefer something that wouldn't hurt the fish too much."

AKIRA: "If you're putting a hook through their mouth, I don't think the bait's going to hurt them much more."

HISAO: "And letting it go...? No, no, don't do that."

LILLY: "But if it isn't big, there's little point in killing it..."

With my hands freed, it's much easier for me to interpret what everyone's saying. Now Shizune's the one that has to deal with her hands being full, but she seems to take it in her stride.

SHIZUNE: “[That's so arrogant. Okay, I'll only reel in the big ones too, from now on.]"

AKIRA: "What's she saying?"

Akira just sighs after I interpret for her.

AKIRA: "No, I don't like that “only.” You know, a fish is a fish, and you take what you can get."

Unfortunately, Shizune can't hear her and Lilly doesn't seem to be paying much attention now. Lilly's taking to fishing easily; it is a very relaxed activity, after all. It isn't long before they both catch a fish, and surprisingly, Lilly is just as interested in which is the bigger of the two as Shizune is.


As the hours pass, it seems like they're even starting to have fun.

Katawa Shoujo OST - Afternoon

At the end of the day, we have several good-sized fish between us. Even Hideaki and Misha managed to catch one. No one brings up that we were competing to see who could catch more. I don't think it matters to anyone any more.

Shizune and Misha are talking between themselves some distance away, and Lilly and Hideaki are doing the same. I decide to take advantage of the quiet moment to talk with Akira.

HISAO: "Lilly and Shizune got on well today. I didn't really expect it, after seeing how they act towards each other in school."

She gives an amused snort. It looks like she doesn't take their feuding as seriously as I do.

AKIRA: "They've got their reasons. Lilly and I are going away for a while tomorrow, so we thought we'd just pop by. In the end, I'm glad we did."

After a brief silence, she stretches loudly and then claps her hands to get everyone's attention.

AKIRA: "Well, that looks like enough to feed everyone. We should be getting back, now."

Lilly nods, but then hesitates. Even with her face clouding a bit, she still looks to be in a better mood than this morning. Akira really seems to know how to handle her, and defused her antipathy towards Shizune pretty well.

AKIRA: "Today's catch looks delicious, I kinda wish I had some soy sauce so I could just eat it now."

LILLY: "I thought you wanted me to cook it..."

AKIRA: "You don't think eating it raw would be okay?"

Despite Akira's protests, or joking as I can't tell which, we decide to wait to at least cook the fish before eating it.


It's already become pretty late while we were out, and by the time we arrive back at Shizune's house, it's a good time for dinner.

Katawa Shoujo OST ~ Passing of Time

Katawa Shoujo OST - Stride

Some of my pills spilled out all over the bottom of my bag, which I didn't realize until minutes before I was set to go to bed last night. I spent quite a bit of time scraping them out of my luggage. By the time I get up, I'm already starting the day with a migraine from a combination of trouble falling asleep and waking up late.

When I step into the living room, Hideaki is there finishing up his breakfast. His fork raised midway to his mouth, he seems unsure whether he should continue eating or greet me. Maybe I should back out of the room.

HIDEAKI: "Good morning."

HISAO: "Morning."

HIDEAKI: "What do you think we should have for breakfast?"

HISAO: "“We?” Aren't you eating breakfast right now?"

HIDEAKI: "Yes. Everyone else ate already."

Despite that, he repeats his question again. He's just trying to be nice. It's an odd way to show it, but I appreciate it nonetheless, and I am feeling pretty hungry. I try to make some conversation with him while I'm getting my breakfast, to fill in the silence.

HISAO: "That fishing trip yesterday was fun. Do the Hakamichis and Satous often get together like that?"

HIDEAKI: "Not really."

HISAO: "I see."

I don't, really. There's a brief pause before Hideaki deigns to fill me in a little more.

HIDEAKI: "Family issues. Our fathers are brothers, and do not like each other."

Hearing that gives me plenty to think about. It puts the way Shizune and Lilly deal with each other into context, and makes me even more wary of getting involved.

HISAO: "Ah. Family issues can be troublesome."

Hideaki simply nods as I sit at the table with my breakfast. I wish he were a little easier to converse with. While I'm eating, I notice that the house seems oddly quiet for a place with Misha in it. If Shizune and Misha ate breakfast already, it can't be because they're asleep. I ask Hideaki where they are.

HIDEAKI: "Shizune and Misha left to run some errands for our dad. The local businesspeople love dealing with Misha, so he insisted."

HISAO: "Well, she's got a nice and cheerful personality. I can see why they would. Maybe you should start taking lessons from her, you could increase your business connections."

HIDEAKI: "Are you serious?"

He sounds serious. I don't know what kind of business connections a little kid would need. Maybe he wants to have the best bake sale fundraiser ever. It's a shame I'll eventually have to leave here and won't be around to see whatever he is planning. I wonder what kind of person Shizune's dad is again, other than relatively outdoorsy. What I know so far is that he asks his business partners and friends of his daughter to do favors for him. I'm assuming he's extremely shy or extremely lazy. Maybe it's a rude call to make so early, but it would certainly explain a large chunk of Shizune's personality.

HIDEAKI: "Do you want to go anywhere?"

HISAO: "Not really. Why, do you?"

HIDEAKI: "I thought there might be somewhere you would want to go. You don't want to do some sightseeing, or eat at a specific restaurant?"

HISAO: "I don't know. I've never been here before."

HIDEAKI: "I see."

I was just about to ask him about what Shizune was like when she was younger, but he's managed to sidetrack me with just one question. This appears to be as awkward a conversation for him as it is for me.

HISAO: "You're sure eager to please today. Why are you being so nice? Are you showing your secret nice side now that your sister isn't around?"

HIDEAKI: "You're sort of right. Shizune wanted me to keep you company today."

I don't want to trouble him, and try to make him see that, but Hideaki is as stubborn as his sister and feels as if this is his duty. He also seems to be earnestly trying to be nice. Quickly, I start to realize that Hideaki's idea of fun is fishing, collecting cameras, and making esoteric puns. Fishing is fun, but it's something I would rather do than discuss. The same goes for cameras; I'd rather handle them than collect them. This is something Hideaki picks up on himself.

HIDEAKI: "Are you bored?"

HISAO: "I'm not bored at all."

I almost yawn the words, so Hideaki ignores them entirely.

HIDEAKI: "You are bored. Shizune said to be entertaining, and I think I don't know how to do that."

HISAO: "I am entertained."

HIDEAKI: "You don't sound entertained."

HISAO: "I am!"

HIDEAKI: "Why do you yell? I hope you do not yell so much around Shizune."

It's hard to tell if he's joking. Either way, I'm a bit surprised. I try to play it off and change the subject.

HISAO: "Do you just collect cameras, or are you into photography, too?"

HIDEAKI: "Not really. If I did, there would be more photos in this house than there currently are. What is there to take pictures of?"

HISAO: "I don't know. Birds? Architecture? One of those restaurants you were talking about? I thought this city had tons of cool stuff. How can you live in a place with so much to do and do nothing?"

HIDEAKI: "I thought you didn't know what there was to do here. Suddenly you have many ideas and are an authority on how interesting it is. You are like our board of tourism. Do you want to go watch birds or buildings?"

HISAO: "Okay, okay, no need to get so mad."

HIDEAKI: "...I'm not mad. I just think that if you feel that strongly about it, then we should go to an amusement park."

HISAO: "Why?"

HIDEAKI: "So that you can be amused. It will be fun."

Will he have this same flat, un-fun expression on his face while we're riding roller coasters and drop towers? It would sure bring the fun levels down. The thought does not convince me that it's worth the trip.

HISAO: "I don't know, it always sounded to me like going to an amusement park meant you spend more time waiting in lines than actually doing stuff. You'd have to go earlier than this just to skip the lines."

HIDEAKI: "Have you ever been to one?"

HISAO: "No, but it seems like that is what it's like."

HIDEAKI: "...Fine. What about a regular park? There is one nearby that Shizune likes going to. Maybe she will be there, and I can unload you onto her."

HISAO: "What do you mean “unload?” I'm not luggage."

HIDEAKI: "You don't want to go to an amusement park. I don't know what to do."

He looks as though I've hurt his feelings by refusing to go with him. I am already rationalizing my decision. I don't like waiting in lines. It would be too much like a date. I'd rather go with Shizune. It would be too tiring.

HISAO: "It's nothing personal, it's just that I kinda wanted Shizune to show me around town instead."


And I don't think that with my condition going to an amusement park would be such a hot idea.

Katawa Shoujo OST - Air Guitar

The park is close enough that their property could almost be considered an extension of it. Both it and Shizune's backyard look about the same, except that the park has benches and more people. That said, it's quite nice. There are even people out walking their dogs, and children flying kites that can be seen lazily drifting back and forth over trees in the distance. I could sit here in a relaxing and scenic place like this forever.

Hideaki, on the other hand, looks like he's extremely bored. I want to poke him to see if he is still alive. But, would he react either way?

HISAO: "Are you bored?"

HIDEAKI: "No. Are you going to jog or play frisbee with dogs like everyone else? Is that what people do in parks?"

HISAO: "Well, you go to parks to get back to nature and enjoy the atmosphere. That's why you jog in the park, instead of just on the sidewalk or something. You can jog anywhere. I can't believe I am having this conversation. How can you not know this? You shouldn't have brought that up, it's too weird. Haven't you ever heard of “children should be seen, not heard?”"

HIDEAKI: "Yes. I lied. I'm bored. Would you like to play a game?"

I groan audibly enough to hope that he understands I don't want to. He doesn't care. In fact, he's already toying with a deck of playing cards.

HIDEAKI: "Why are you upset? That is why we are here."

HISAO: "I thought we were here to look for Shizune."

HIDEAKI: "Exactly. That is why we should play a game. It's a Shizune trap. You can trap anything, including people. If we compete against each other in the spirit of competition and in a sportsmanly manner, she will be drawn here to challenge the winner, like a shark. Then I will defeat her like a safari hunter. Then take a photo of the award ceremony."

Sharks do not go around challenging people to games of chance like dojo breakers.

HISAO: "When did you bring that camera? Anyway, no. I get enough games hanging out with your sister."

HIDEAKI: "No, come on. It will be fun. We can play chess."

HISAO: "Please, no. Besides, playing chess in the park is something old people do, like fishing. You're going to get old too fast if you keep doing all this old man stuff."

Hideaki freezes like I've suddenly started speaking a foreign language. Maybe I've offended him again. Maybe he's secretly 50 years old and has just aged incredibly well. Him being Shizune's brother could be a cover story.

HIDEAKI: "What about checkers, or go? Or even backgammon is fine, even though I don't like it. If board games aren't your thing, we can play card games. Anything other than seven card, because it is for wimps. Are you afraid that you will lose? If you can beat me I'll give you candy."

HISAO: "Hideaki, you are just like Shizune. I'm starting to think this is all a pretense to play games."

HIDEAKI: "No. That is not true."

HISAO: "You are! I bet that competitive streak is genetic. I'll sell you to science."

HIDEAKI: "No one can own a human being."

HISAO: "How about I teach you some sign language instead? When Shizune asked me if I wanted to come here, we talked a little, and it seemed like you and your dad don't use sign language. I'm just guessing, but if you don't, I could teach you some. I'm not a master at it, though. I think it might be good for you to move your arms more, anyway."

He barely moves his arms. Most of the time they just hang limply at his sides. How unnerving. It's been bothering me that Shizune's entire family apparently doesn't know how to sign. I wonder what she did before she met Misha. Did they just hire translators for her? Did she write out everything on that pad she carries around? The second is the most likely, or she could type it out on a phone. That would explain why she dislikes using the pad so much. Sad as it is, I can sort of see why Hideaki or her dad might not have bothered to learn sign language. It probably was too much of a hassle at the time. It's very easy to think that. From what I've seen so far, though, neither of them hold it against each other or are too badly affected by it. It could be that I'm overthinking the situation.

HISAO: "Come on. Well, to be honest, I'm still learning sign language myself. I brought all my books along with me so I can keep up, you know? Still, I can at least teach you the alphabet. It's pretty simple. This is “kite.”"

I feel really corny right now, and even more so when Hideaki stares back at me blankly as if the entire concept of learning is alien to him.

HIDEAKI: "Shizune liked flying kites here as well."

This is his attempt to salvage the conversation, and I'm happy to oblige.

HISAO: "Fishing, and now kites, too? Shizune really likes all these relaxing hobbies?"

HIDEAKI: "Fighter kites. Actually, about Shizune—"

(Sudden Silence)

Hideaki freezes as Misha appears behind him and puts her hands over his eyes.

MISHA: "Hi hi~! Guess who~!"

He seemed to finally be loosening up, too.

HISAO: "Hi, Misha. Is Shizune with you?"

MISHA: "Hicchan, no spoilers! Don't spoil it, don't ruin the surprise, okay~?"

HIDEAKI: "Misha."

Katawa Shoujo OST - Katawa Shoujo OST - Generic Happy Music

MISHA: "Bingo~! That's right! But~, it was too easy, somehow."

I don't know what she means by “somehow.”

MISHA: "Too many people can tell it's me! I want to surprise someone! I thought for sure that Hideaki would be fooled~. Why weren't you, hm~?"

HIDEAKI: "You are the only person who does that. You, and kidnappers."

MISHA: "Really? Wahaha~!"

HIDEAKI: "Why do you laugh?"

SHIZUNE: “[Are you giving Hisao trouble? I thought you would take him somewhere more exciting than the park. It isn't even that far from home. You are so lazy.]"

MISHA: "Hideaki, are you giving Hicchan trouble? You should have taken him somewhere more exciting! The park is too close to home, Shicchan says you're lazy~."

HIDEAKI: "He wanted to come here. Why are you so argumentative?"

SHIZUNE: “[I have to keep my little brother in line.]"

HIDEAKI: "What is she saying?"

HISAO: "You must be kept in line."

HIDEAKI: "Really..."

They're ready to go at each others' throats this quickly. On one hand, I've heard that siblings fighting so much isn't uncommon, and the fact that they fight at all proves there has to be some level of communication going on. So, it's nice they get along.

They argue all the way back home. Misha translates for Shizune, and I for Hideaki. So it looks more like we're the ones arguing instead, except not really. Nobody could listen to Misha and believe that. The day got entertaining in the end, at least.

Katawa Shoujo OST ~ Passing of Time


Despite having only been here for two days, it feels like it's been much longer. I wake up feeling more tired than refreshed. Maybe because I've been moving around almost constantly since I got here. Whatever the reason, it's making me get up unusually late each day. I like sleeping in, but it could be inconvenient if it ends up becoming a habit. I can hear a deep, male voice shouting loudly in the background. It must be Shizune's dad. Or maybe, with the size of this place, it's creditors. More likely the former, since the yelling doesn't seem angry, just loud.


Shizune, Misha, and Hideaki are sitting in the living room, having a one-sided conversation with a giant bear-man who alternates between shoveling away food from a plate balanced on his leg and twirling a sword. From what Shizune and Hideaki are like, I'd expected their dad to be a very reserved, clean-cut, possibly androgynous person, so I'm pretty surprised. I'm surprised for a while, until he starts talking to me.

JIGORO: "Hello! You must be Shizune's other friend. Did you have a good night's rest? The guest rooms are a bit sparse, if there is anything you need, feel free to tell me."

HISAO: "Thanks. You must be Shizune's father. It's nice to meet you. I'm Shizune's classmate, Hisao Nakai."

JIGORO: "The pleasure is mine. I've wanted to meet you, after hearing that I would have a second guest in my house. Unexpected. You hear something like that, and obviously you want to see what that person is like. Would you like my business card?"

He holds up a case full of them for a second and I can see that his name is Jigoro and that his office hours are from eight to six. They also say that he's a “consultant”. What a prepared guy, carrying his card case around in his own home.

JIGORO: "We're just sitting down to a slightly late lunch, you're just in time to join us. Good. Pick a place to sit down and I'll bring you a plate. I hope you don't mind eating bear liver."

I thought that bear liver was toxic. Either way, the thought of eating a bear liver doesn't appeal to me other than for the ability to tell people I've eaten bear liver. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try it. But Shizune's dad merely laughs.

JIGORO: "I'm just making a joke. Although, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to cook up some bear livers for you kids. They will make you strong. We're actually having omelettes. I'll make you one right now. Is that unusual for you, having an omelette for lunch?"

HIDEAKI: "Very unusual."

HISAO: "No, not at all."

Jigoro vanishes to where the kitchen must be. I'm surprised that despite living in this place, he has to cook my lunch. Maybe he only cooks because he likes to. My steaming plate of food is done in a very short time. It smells really good.

JIGORO: "Are you in the Student Council, like Shizune? Is the Student Council that busy, that Shizune has to drag her friends along with her everywhere she goes?"

SHIZUNE: “[Sometimes a vacation is just a vacation.]"

HISAO: "You're right about the student council part. I think we're just here for fun, though."

JIGORO: "I see. Is that right? When I was young, our student councils had so much work that I don't think we could have afforded going on vacation. It must be nice, having so much free time. Should give you plenty of time to think about your future."

I do not like the direction this discussion is taking, and start thinking about how to avoid it.

JIGORO: "Have you thought about that? About what you want to do?"

HISAO: "No, I haven't given it much thought recently. What do you do, if you don't mind me asking? It must be something pretty cool, if it can get you a house like this."

JIGORO: "Why do you want to know that? Children aren't interested in business. What business of yours is my business? Suspicious. Are you some kinda tax man, boy?"

I guess he really does not like being asked questions.

MISHA: "Hicchan isn't a tax collector's boy, I think~. Hicchan, what do your parents do? You never told us~!"

JIGORO: "You, be quiet. Don't interrupt me. I hate being interrupted. Rude."

MISHA: "Aah~..."

Shizune doesn't look too happy with this turn of events. Even with Misha unable to sign to her what's going on, she can read the mood easily. Her glare becomes more smoldering as Jigoro continues to rant.

JIGORO: "One more thing. My fishing equipment. I came home and it was just in a big pile in the corner. Rods just stacked haphazardly on top of tackle."

HIDEAKI: "That was me."

I can't remember if it actually was him. If it wasn't, I appreciate that he's willing to take one for the team. It doesn't matter because Jigoro ignores him without skipping a beat.

JIGORO: "Well, anyway, I'm glad that my fishing equipment could provide so much entertainment for my daughter's friends. Did not even tell me you were going to be using them. Those are expensive, custom-made poles. Not for dilettantes."

I suddenly become aware of the eggshell fragments in my omelette. Is he just a bad cook? Does he eat them for the calcium? Were they purposely added there to give me even more discomfort? Though confused, I'm not as unnerved as I think I would normally be. Then again, my life has been pretty strange lately, and I keep running into all sorts of different people. Nothing surprises me any more.

JIGORO: "Didn't even properly clean them after use. Terrible. Do you even know how to fish? Unlikely. There are not enough poles here for all of you. How does that work? Did you all share? One person baits the hook, and another casts? Two people to reel? Incompetent."

HISAO: "Well, six of us went, so we couldn't all do it at the same time. First it was just me, Akira, Hideaki, and Misha."

JIGORO: "Stop talking. That sounds unspeakably dirty. I have had enough of your filth. How vulgar. Make sure that your statements are not so embarrassingly, carelessly worded next time."

HISAO: "What...?"

JIGORO: "“What?” You are so disrespectful. Amazing. Are all delinquent types like this? Even the way you dress shows flippant disregard for authority. Sweater vest. Disgraceful..."

HISAO: "Delinquent? I'm on the Student Council."

I'm hurt by his comment on my sweater vest, especially when it's coming from a guy in such a tacky shirt. I guess I can't really say anything, though. He has a sword. He might also kill bears.

(Sudden Silence)

Misha loudly puts her plate down on the table.

MISHA: "That was delicious~! Shicchan and I are done now. Hicchan, you are too, right~? We should get going!"

What a simple, yet effective exit strategy. I barely have the time to put down my plate before they pull me up and out of there, and finally outside.