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by GuidoAnchovies

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Original Thread: 90's Cliche Badass: Let's Play Kid Chameleon




So now that I'm done making an ass out of myself in Diabetus' Battletoads thread, I figured I'd do a public service to everyone who wanted to see what the later levels have to offer in this game. From the old thread I made, it seemed like everyone had played this game as a kid, but gave up on it due to it's slightly "fuck you" approach to level design. It's not as bad as Battletoads, where you are required to have god-like skill even if you know what you're doing, but has more of a puzzle/trial and error approach.

I'm going to do several levels per video, and try to show off as many extra lives, continues, hidden powerups, and shortcuts as possible to help those of you who want to play along. I might do guest commentary later if I start running out of steam, and if anyone is interested.

And an appropriate post to catch those of you who have never heard of this game up:
(This is stolen from my old, old KC Appreciation thread )

How many times have you been sitting around and thinking, "I am the platform master, no game is a match for my jumping prowess!"? Probably never, but I present a game to challenge all those who would claim that title: Kid Chameleon.

Released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis, Kid Chameleon is a game with simple gameplay, but requires lightning fast reflexes and problem solving skills.

The story revolves around a virtual reality arcade machine that has taken the town by storm. However, the AI has gone evil, and has somehow started imprisoning those who lose at the game.

Enter our hero: Kevin

Kevin is the coolest dude around town, (as you can tell by his sunglasses and leather jacket) and it is up to him to beat the game and free all those who have been trapped by it.

The gameplay involves using many different masks with unique abilities to reach the goal point or warps to progress to the next level. However, there are many different ways to beat a level, as different masks will allow you access to paths you would not otherwise be able to take. Some converge back to the main route, some lead to secret areas, and some lead to warps that will put you in a different level. There are 80 full levels, and 30 intermission levels between certain warps. (called elsewhere)

Default Controls:
A - Run
B - Jump
C - Special
A + Start - Gem Powers

Powerups and other stuff:

The P block is the equivalent of the ? block in Mario Bros., hit it and prizes come out. (after which it turns into a cracked block)

Cracked blocks can be broken with any of the block destroying moves.

Solid blocks have low friction, so you will slide on them. Also, when broken, they will shoot spines out in the opposite direction it was hit from.

Metal blocks cannot be broken, but can be moved with the berserker's charge. Sometimes metal blocks will hide spikes that come out when you get close.

Trap blocks will shoot spines out of any sides that have holes when they are touched, or are hit by a spine (after which it will disappear). If no holes are present, it just disappears.

Accordion blocks rise up one space when hit from below.

Rock blocks create a row of three new rock blocks on top when hit from the bottom. If there are already blocks in all 3 positions, the rock block disappears.

Rubber blocks bounce you, hold B to go higher.

Rocket blocks start counting down when hit from the bottom, and when it reaches zero, the top flies up.

These blocks periodically disappear and reappear.

Warps warp you to either in a different spot in the same level, or to an entirely new level. You have to stand on them for 3-5 seconds, so be patient.

This is the goal flag.

Gems aren't like either coins or rings, think of it as more of an MP type thing. Different masks can use gems differently by pressing A + Start. There are usually two different levels of skills that can be used, one that takes 20, and one that takes 50. Most skills are just to damage enemies, but some characters can use a skill that gets you an extra life.

The Ankh is an extra life, which you will probably need a lot of.

The coin is another continue, since you ARE playing an arcade game after all.

Clocks do exactly what you expect them to, give you more time.

Plain old Kevin:
-Has 2 HP
-Can ledge grab by pressing b again near a block
-Can walk on slopes
-Can only destroy blocks only by hitting them with head (everyone can do this)
-Can only hurt enemies by jumping on top of them (everyone can do this)

-Has 3 HP
-While holding A to run, puts his head down to break blocks and kill most enemies
-Can walk on slopes

-Has 3 HP
-While in the air, rapidly press C to fly
-Can walk on slopes

-Has 3 HP
-Can use C to send a wave that reveals hidden blocks for a limited time
-Can walk on slopes
-Other than jumping on them, the only way to harm enemies is by using Gem power to shoot a different wave (only takes 2 gems)

Iron Knight
-Has 5 HP
-Can climb walls by rapidly pressing C, jump from walls with B, not by hitting the other direction
-Breaks blocks by jumping on top of them
-Can walk on slopes

-Has 3 HP
-C will shoot bouncing skulls out of the turret
-Does not fall down pits that are only 1 square wide
-Will automatically duck when projectiles approach his head
-Can only climb slopes by holding B, and bouncing up them

-Has 3 HP
-C will throw axes
-Slides down slopes
-A+Start will give you an extra life if you have over 50 gems

-Has 3 HP
-Sticks to walls
-Is only 1 block high

Red Stealth
-Has 3 HP
-Seems to accelerate faster and jump higher
-Attacks with a sword by pressing C
-Can destroy blocks below him by pressing C while in air
-Slides down slopes

-Has 3 HP
-Can hover on ceiling by pressing C while in air.
-Bounces off slopes

There are some old comics of this game I could also dig up from the old thread, as well as the soundtrack. (which requires a special codec to play) Feel free to discuss childhood anger at this game, or ask any questions about specific levels if they are giving you trouble. I'll post videos of requested levels if I'm not going through them on what I consider to be the easiest path in the game. (Which obviously doesn't include bloody swamp)

Here is the level layout for those of you interested:
Some dude at TAS videos made this, not me


Blue Lake Woods I --> Isle of the Lion LordGoogle
Isle of the Lion Lord --> ShiskabossGoogle
Whispering Woods I --> Boomerang BossesGoogle
BONUS: The 100k WarpGoogle
Woods of Despair I --> Wind Castles IIGoogle
Blizzard Mountain --> Wind Castles IIGoogle
Ice God's Vengence --> PlethoraGoogle
Request: Frosty Doom --> Bloody SwampGoogle
Request: Gem PowersGoogle
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