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Part 10: Voice Actor Spotlight: Ali Hillis (Palutena)

Shoopuf posted:

I don't know why I do, but I find it severely amusing you chose to list his work with Ali Hillis in Ninja Gaiden instead of Final Fantasy XIII.

Most actors have different degrees of separation from Troy Baker. Hers dips into the negative digits.

Speaking of whom:

A veteran of games, TV, and film, Ali has been acting inside the sound booth for nine years and outside for over ten. She enjoys portraying strong, independent female characters such as Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII, and is a vocal supporter of such roles in video games. Like Troy Baker, her more famous video game roles have tended to overshadow her other work, including Kid Icarus: Uprising, so her comments on the game are sadly few and far between despite the significance of her part.

Outside of video games, Ali's most notable role is likely Karin in Naruto. She also voiced mutant Emma Frost in the short-lived X-Men anime back in 2011. Her live-action credits aren't terribly mind-blowing despite being long, but do include appearances on JAG, Baywatch, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Five Fun Facts about Ali:
Quick Stats:

Admiral H. Curtiss posted:

I'll take this opportunity to bring out my favorite video about FF13.

Audio Interview (w/ transcription)

Video Interview: