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Part 10: Dragons 2

The dragons claim that the True Dragons taught many of the gods. For example, they say that Green Scaled Father stole the Plant Rune from the Inside of the Cosmic Egg and gave it to the god Flamal, who ate the rune. (Flamal grew roots and disturbed the children of the dark; this is why Zorak Zoran slew him. In doing all this, the Green Scaled Father had committed the first Wrong Action.)

Night Dragon is said to have given the Man Rune to Dame Darkness, from which she made Kyger Litor. Sun Dragon taught the Sun God how to move across the sky and how his light was needed for the world to live, and as a result the Sun God Yelm bagged him to stay in his court, and the Sun Dragon lives there still.

The Emperor of Wisdom flew to the God Plane with the Spirit Rune, to teach the gods peace and harmony, but only Asrelia of the earth had the foresight to accept this gift, and they were the First Friendship, while the other gods squandered the gift of wisdom, and the Emperor of Wisdom flew away, disappointed.

Orlanth, of course, hated dragons after fighting the Mover of the Heavens, called Sh'kaharzeel. He was the first to fly, and he saw the world and wanted to change it to his liking. This angered many gods, who wanted the world to be their liking. Orlanth fought Sh'kaharzeel across the world and into the God Plane, and at last into the Sky, where Orlanth defeated the dragon, imprisoning its bones in Dragon Pass and its soul in the sky.

Orlanth also fought the Imperial Fountain of Peace, called Aroka, who controlled the waters of hte world. The dragons say Orlanth wanted to fight it because he hated dragons, while the Orlanthi say it was that he might free the rain god, Heler. Aroka was unafraid and fought Orlanth with his own powers, using rain, storm and flood. Orlanth, however, was wise to dragon powers after beating Sh'kaharzeel, and he defeated Aroka, putting Aroka's skeleton in the sky. Aroka was so big that his head did not fit in the sky dome and so became a new pattern of stars, called Orlanth's Ring.

Other gods have had dragon allies. Mostal imprisoned a dragon, Genert sought a dragon advisor, Drolgard married a dragon and helped Orlanth make peace with the dragons (though Orlanth forgot his oaths later). Asrelia befriended the Earth Dragon. And so on.