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Part 100: Outlaw Women 1

Sartark is just a little fucked up.

I agree to their demand because that's the fastest way to get this plotline to go away forever. The "best" way to handle this story seems to be just letting the batman wannabe pursue private vengeance right away, since then you stop this stupid shit for the relatively low cost of 40 cows. Wergild/outlawing the men may work if the clan likes you, but private vengeance is the most surefire way.

In a perfect world there'd be a "fuck off and get over yourself before you ruin the entire clan" option that gets the guy to go away without just coming back later, but what can you do?

Now it's time for some cattle rustlin'!

Fingers crossed that Elmalandti pops a combat event again.

Eh, better than nothing.

Two handsome young men of the clan are captured by outlaw women! The two women ride quickly onto the tula, grab the men, and ride off. Both men are married.

-Conduct a divination.
-Do nothing.
-Sacrifice to Orlanth to strengthen your hand against outlaws.
-Send a war party to rescue the men and kill the outlaws.
-Send a war party to rescue the men.

Good King Oskul was born to an outlaw woman who once captured his father.

The kidnapped men are married. If they dally with these outlaw women, they commit a grave offense!

If we fight to drive them off, we risk less, but will get the same result when we succeed.

It's about time we killed the bandits in our midst!

I have heard of these outlaw women. Every now and then they kidnap fine young men and have their way with them!

Banditry in our area is making trade difficult.

We must learn the motives of these outlaws before we decide what to do.