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Part 102: We Still Suck At Raiding

What clan would be foolish enough to trust a man named Garstal? Not us!

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that none of you want adulterers in our midst fouling up the clan mood and attracting chaos, so let's outlaw them!

And it's still Fire season, so let's bash in some heads!

I don't use any magic here because we still want some to help with our heroquest later, but we spent 2 in War at the start of the year, so it won't hurt us too badly.

See? We lost for reasons completely unrelated to magic. We also lost 4 weaponthanes and 28 regular people, and all 12 auxiliaries were taken captive! I'd suggest having us pick a new, weaker, enemy & then patching things up with the Vostangi...but according to what Harvar says whenever I'm on the raid screen, the weakest nearby clan is our ally, the Wolves. Awkward.

I go ahead and pay the random because doing otherwise just pisses off the clan, and our crafters can always make more goods.

Your exploration party is taken prisoner by trolls. Unable to escape, they're left to their own devices, without advice from the ring. The trolls drag them into the prescence of their leader, the terifying Craigspider. The explorers can tell just from her prescence that she's immensely powerful - and quite displeased to learn that they exist.

We're given many choices here(which are basically divided into "please don't kill us" and "ATTACK THE GODDESS SPIDER-TROLL WHO HAS A FLAMING HEAD"), but I sent whatshisface up here for A Reason. It's also presumably the same reason why some people wanted me to explore up here - sending nobles up here to die is a great way to flush out a bunch of guys you don't care about, which means that you then get some new blood for your clan nobility. This was actually nerfed in the iOS version, from what I've heard - sending too many nobles up here pisses the trolls off and triggers their apocalypse event. But if you're playing the PC version? Go hog wild with feeding nobles to Craigspider! Who knows, you might get some Uroxi/Humakti/Tricksters in exchange for all those boring worshippers of those other gods!

That's basically a long way of saying I have old geezer attack Craigspider. Farewall Fantarl, we never really cared about you or knew you existed.

This is even more fun if you play a clan whose ancestral enemies are the trolls, since you get free magic for doing this! But we're elf-haters, so alas.

Getting our asses kicked in that last raid isn't helping the farmers much.

Fucking Vostangi.

Chalana Arroy finally takes some pity on us. We may be poor, but we have our health.

Swen, a thane of the Orlmarth clan, comes to ask you to make good on a favor you owe to his people. "We ask you that you gift us with 25 cows, in return for considerations we have made for your clan in the past, and in recognition of the goodwill between us," he says.

-Give him less than he wants.
-Give him more than he wants.
-Give him what he wants.
-Offer him food instead.
-Refuse him.

If we give him more than he asks, we will gain a reputation for generosity, which will help us politcally.

Customarily, the obligation we owe them is worth 20 cows.

They have many well-equipped warriors. If we win their favor, they will help us raid our foes.

We can't afford to give away cows right now.

Generoisty will reap its own reward, when we find it easy to bargain with them in the future.

If they owed us a favor, we might want to ask them for cattle.

A reputation for generosity in far-off clans will not necessarily help us politcally.