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Part 103: Angry Widows

Not the ideal solution, but it gets the game moving again.

Someone asked about our Elmal worshippers, so here are both of them. Sarotar somehow manages to be even less useful than our chief.

And here are the heroquest myths we know: The Making of the Storm Tribe, Humakt the Champion, Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth, Chalana Arroy Heals The Scars, Elmal Guards The Stead, and Ernalda Feeds The Tribe.

Then I send Jarolor off to get us some cows. I also just noticed that our only allies are the ones with a history of mad chieftains. Clearly this will never go wrong in any way.

Led by Insterid, a respected carl, the women of the clan reproach the ring for costly blunders. Battles and raids, even victorious raids, have killed so many husbands and sons that the women do not know how they will raise their families. "We have taken care of our homes and our fields. You have not taken care of our husbands," says Insterid. "If things do not improve, we may have to return to our original clans, much as we hate that idea."

-Arrange suitable marriages with surviving bachelors.
-Ask the women to be patient.
-Authorize women to temporarily form joint households.
-"Just be thankful we've kept you and your children safe."
-Send Elmalandti to the Holy Country seeking former kinsmen.
-Sponsor a Marriage Contest to draw men from other clans.

This is the worst threat our clan has ever faced!

Insterid is insolent and deserves no respect. But I admit that treating her as she deserves won't solve our problem.

We must act decisively, or at least give that appearance.

We must act.

(is far, far away from all the angry women of our clan)

I'm not sure that bringing strangers in is a good idea.

We may need to try something unusual in this instance.