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Part 105: Humakt Again

Xander77 posted:

You forgot to mention how we feel about the Squat Oaks.
Unfortunately, although I do know about the "click ? to find out the season and list of clans" thing now, that doesn't actually tell you how the other clans feel about you beyond if they're feuding or allied.

Not that it matters in this case, because the thread reflects the game's ring and doesn't want to do anything that would hurt our only allies.

Okay, time to start going down the vote tally for the other options.

We suck so much at fighting that it carries over to random events where no actual raiding strategies are involved. At least the Wolves are okay.

People seemed to either want to stick with doing Humakt's quest, or didn't care enough to object, so it's that time again! I tried asking the Wolves for help, but they refused. C'mon guys, we tried to stop the raid from coming your way.

What benefit does Harvar seek from this heroquest?

-Bring back a treasure.
-Gain Humakt's blessing during raids.
-Strike a blow against the undead.
-Reconcile the grievances of the weaponthanes.
-Strengthen the quester.