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Part 107: Dinosaur Wizard

Xander77 posted:

But what happens if we make the wrong choice in a quest and still manage to power through on sheer luck / stats? Will you do the "right" choice automatically the next time around?
I'd try the "right" choice first. However, even heroquests don't have only one option that will work - your noble's stats influence which choices will work better, even if they're not the mythically correct ones. The only completely wrong answers are the ones that are completely contrary to the myth, like trying to proceed here without getting Death. And there are quests where you can pick the "right" answer but have to try another option because the "best" choice didn't work. All of them result in you following the same basic storyline, however(unless you fuck up badly enough to get lost in the realm of the gods, or pull off something like the first Orlanth and Aroka quest in Mystic Mongol's LP).

Anyway, let's get on with it already.

Still my favorite piece of art from this quest.

Harvar's new stats! (old stats for comparison) His combat is now Heroic, his magic is now Excellent, and his leadership is now Renowned. Also at some point between the start of the game and now, he became Very Good at custom, but who cares about that. He's a finely tuned death machine now! Although his leadership is higher than Jorator's, there's no need to rearrange the clan ring just yet. I'm sure the game will force our hand in time, but no point in rocking the boat before we have to.

First thing's first: Restock on weaponthanes! 12 is only adequate! We need better than adequate, even if it's only for defensive purposes!

A creature, the likes of which you have never seen before, hails the guards on your perimeter. He introduces himself as Mathrania the Magnificant, and requests a parley with the clan ring.

-Invite him into the clan hall.
-Invite him onto your lands, but no further.
-Invite him to the market square.
-Shoo him away.
-Talk to him outside the tula's boundary.

There used to be creatures like this all over the continent, but in most places they are now just memories.

Never slap a hand oustretched to you in friendship.

If it does mean us harm, we're better to keep it outside our fortifications.

Those teeth of his show him to be trustworthy. He eats plants, not people.

The paraphernalia he carries is clearly that of a magician.