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Part 108: Virtues

LupusAter posted:

So, it's a magic dinosaur ?
Another reason why we need another game in a Glorlantha setting: We could be playing as magic dinosaurs or death-god-serving ducks, but we aren't. And that's tragic.

The dinosaur taller than our fences can't fit in the hall? Who'da thunk?

"Your people are remembered here. It is said that you believe in six social virtues. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that you had to choose between them, which virtue would you say is the most important?"

-Decline to answer.

Defense is the most important, for if our enemies slay us, the other virtues cannot be upheld.

Justice is the most important. All the written authorities say so.

Honor is the most important. It is better to die than to lose it.

Provision is the most important, for, without food, all other questions are moot.

Hospitality is the most important. Without it, King Heort's ring would never have enumerated the other virtues.

How can we possibly pick one of them as the most important? They're all equal.

Obedience is the most important, for without it, the other virtues cannot be enforced.

Yes, there's exactly one ring member arguing for each virtue. Have fun picking!