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Part 109: Jarolor's Neverending Cow Quest

Better start stitching those welcome mats.

More cows. I briefly considered selling off Blacktail - it's rare for him to survive more than 5 or 6 years into a game, so it's getting close, and at this point the amount of cows another clan would buy him for outweighs the extra cattle he'd sire. But I figured I shouldn't go selling off treasures without thread feedback(even if it is a treasure nearing its expiration date). least our sheep and food numbers are going up?

Our reputation's gone up another notch! And the omens sound like we'll have a chance to prove our hospitality. (or get raided by strange foreigners, but hopefully not)

Decide on our goals for the year. Also pipe up if you feel particularly strongly about me selling(or not selling) Blacktail.