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Part 110: Selling Off Blacktail

Our most popular goals are cows, god-bothering, and friends. Sounds good to me.

Jarolor apparently traded himself a new outfit when he was at the Blackrock tula. (he's actually hit the ripe old age of 30, which brings a new portrait for the noble in question)

Meanwhile, Gordangar gives us some old news.

Speaking of aging, Beneva's getting old, but she's as negative-minded as ever(her advice on this screen is "How do we know if the other clans will give us a fair deal?"). Anyway, you can see from the minimap that most of our immediate neighbors like us. The exception is the Vostangi, for obvious reasons.

And now it's time to sell off Blacktail before he keels over.

While he's traveling there, I build a shrine to Issaries to get the Silvertongue blessing. This helps both traders and negotiatiors, so it'll be very useful with the trade- & diplomacy-heavy year you guys want.

Your trader, Jarolor, arrives in the Woodpecker tula. Their clan ring consults, and says they might be willing to buy Blacktail the Bull. They would also consider offering Eurmal's Shield. They summarize its abilities: "A brightly polished shield that helps us in battle, if a Trickster's on the ring."

-Buy Eurmal's Shield. (specify how much we're willing to pay)
-Decline the trade.
-Offer to trade treasure for treasure.
-Sell Blacktail the Bull. (specify the minimum offer we're willing to accept)

Most treasures are worth at least 50 cows. We need not believe Estavos's first offer, he is known to poor-mouth in order to get better bargains.

Oh hey, these are the guys we sold Eurmal's shield to waaaaaaay back when. It's not any more useful to us now than it was back then, but it's still a treasure.