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Part 112: Chaos!

Two free weaponthanes. Hurrah?

And now that I can get to the clan screens again, here's a list of our shrines and what blessings they're providing(along with the blessings we know but aren't currently receiving):
Issaries - Provides Silvertongue.
Humakt - Provides Truesword. We also know the less useful Battle Luck.
Elmal - Provides Steadfast.
Maran Gor - Provides Earthblood.
Uralda - Provides Calf Blessing.
Urox - Provides Smite Chaos. We also know Berserker.
Vinga - Provides Pathfinder.
Orlanth - We know Woad but don't have a shrine.
Chalana Arroy - We know all of her blessings, but don't have a shrine.

I build some Ramparts so that we don't get stung as much when others raid us. Which turned out to be a good decision, because...


It doesn't matter how grey-haired an Orlanthi gets - when their clan is getting raided, they fight.

That doesn't mean that being a warrior granny turns out well, mind you.

The Vostangi hate us so much they're burning our steads! Also note that we lost despite content weaponthanes, an awesome war leader, superior magic, a treasure powering us, Truesword, and excellent tactics. I blame our lazy watchmen for not letting us raise a full fyrd. I even went out of my way to bump their numbers up. I could take more from the outer patrol to the inner(since that would just make us more likely to spot full raids and less likely to spot the less-damaging cattle raids), but you don't want to bump up the total number of patrol thanes much above 2/3rds or they start whining at you.

Oh well, time to restock on weaponthanes.

In other news, chaos!

A gigantic chaos creature appears on the boundaries of your tula! It eats some sheep, and scares away the shepherds.

-Attack it now.
-Hope it goes away.
-Sacrifice to Urox for aid against chaos.
-Seek aid of other clans.
-Send for Uroxi warriors.

If there is chaos abroad in Dragon Pass, it is in everyone's interests to fight it. But our neighbors dislike us, which might blind them to this obvious truth.

I have no idea what he's talking about with the "our neighbors dislike us" bit. Last I checked, all our neighbors were in the purple except the Vostangi. Also, what the fuck, I recruited weaponthanes to get us to 20 and we're suddenly back down to 15?

We have many enemies, but our worst enemy is chaos.

We can't hope to defeat it alone.

Other clans might help us. If there is chaos abroad in Dragon Pass, it is in everyone's interests to fight it.

We must send for Uroxi warriors.

(is busy recuperating from her warrior granny wounds)

The more cows we sacrifice to Urox, there more likely it is he will hear us. Sacrifice twenty-five cows, at least.