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Part 113: We're Fucked


The good news is that most of our weaponthanes are wounded, not dead. The bad news is everything else. We don't have enough goods for more temples OR more weaponthanes, so we just have to cross our fingers and hope nothing attacks us for a while.



-Attack it.
-Hope it goes away.
-Sacrifice to Urox.
-Send for Uroxi warriors.
-Seek aid of other clans.
-Weep uncontrollably.

We must try everything! We cannot fail!

We must send for Uroxi warriors.

We can't hope to defeat it alone.

Get the children to the temples. Hurry!

If we can't kill it this time, we must sacrifice to Urox immediately to fight off Chaos.

Well, I had hopes that we could bounce back(since low cows, low goods, and low weaponthanes are all easily recovered from given all the food we can trade away), but I wasn't expecting the chaos thing to come back this quickly. Have fun deciding what our last shot is going to be!