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Part 114: We're Not Fucked!

For Elmal!

Brace yourselves...

... That single weaponthane we have is apparently the most badass fighter in the entirety of Dragon Pass. Either that or we're a bizarro clan that fights better when we have fewer warriors.

And now Jarolor is here to make us not completely broke!

I immediately blow a large chunk of the goods we got on having Chalana Arroy heal us. Maybe we won't die after all!


Sarotar has Very Good combat, so he might be able to pull off driving them off...on the other hand, Harvar.

Or maybe not.

...but we won anyway!

The fucking horse-spawn burned down our Watch Tower, so I built a new one. At least they picked the cheapest fortification to destroy?

And then I'm left deciding what to do for the other half of dark. The amount of goods we have is already just barely enough to keep our temples afloat, so building more doesn't seem like a good option right now. I decide to go after Fyrdwomen, because it's simple enough to switch our Vinga shrine from Pathfinder to it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to switch the shrine over before these fucks showed up. (I forgot to get a shot of this after I picked the options, but I decided to blow 3 magic, kill as many as possible & maneuver.)

Go where the fighting is worst! We don't really know who you are anyway!

Unforunately, helping out a family didn't win us the battle, so we're still leaking cows at an alarming rate.


MORE COWS. (yes, Elmalandti has the second-best Bargaining in the clan.)

We can't risk you not being able to trade food & horses for cows! Bargain with them so you can keep going!

Dammit! Your combat is only Good! But we really need you to get us more cows, so try to kill them!

At least we didn't lose the stuff we were trying to trade.

Red burstings disease again? At least it's not affecting us. WE NEED ALL OUR COWS.

I kept waiting for the game to give me an actual event to vote on, but it turns out we just got to Sacred Time again! And...uh...ouch. We're alive, but not doing well. At all.

At least we won't be murdered by chaos monsters again this year.

What are our goals for the year, other than getting more cows & not dying?