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Part 116: The Eagles

Now let's see how quickly we lose them!

The horse-spawn are primarily concerned with stealing our horses, so the new cows are safe for now.

What's that, Elmalandti? You've popped a combat event? And it has a option that lets you use your Renowned magic? Well, just go ahead and summon your magic wind again so that

Oh sure, let's make this the first time you don't do something right in the entire LP. At least the horse-spawn took some chiildren off our hands.

...but we won anyway! Too bad we didn't get any horses out of it.

A large group of people are moving towards your tula. Your warriors ride to meet them and learn that they are the Eagle clan. They have come from Heortland, as you once did, and they seek permission to move through your territory on their trek northwards.

-Attack them.
-Give them permission.
-Hint that it would be good if they gave you a gift.
-Propose an alliance.
-Refuse them.
-Demand tribute.

They may or may not be willing to forge an alliance when they do not know the clans hereabouts, but there is no harm in asking.

Of course we must let them pass! Think of how we would feel if we wore their boots!

Their warriors are many, and they have been hardened by the long trek north. We should not fight with them, but ally with them.

They have many cows. We should raid them.

I'm not saying we should demand tribute. But if we do, we should ask for no more than twenty cows.

For years, brave Orlanthi from Heortland have left their home for this new place, fleeing the rule of the usurper called the Pharaoh.

They may or may not be willing to forge an alliance when they do not know the clans hereabouts. (But he's recommending trying to ally with them anyway.)