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Part 117: Rubble Runners

Laradus posted:

And just to say i'm still enjoying this so please don't split the tribe/thread. Victory or death! probably death
Our luck actually seems to be looking up a bit. We can recover from the low cows*, we seem to be doing a bit better at defeating our enemies, and we just got a win-win event plopped in front of us.

Now watch as our tula gets invaded by zombies or something.

*(especially since I have greater than max crafters pumping out goods to trade for cows. Yes, it's actually above the maximum - if I go to the crafters screen, the max listed is a few greater than what we have. I always back out without accepting the changes to make sure the numbers aren't bumped down, of course. I assume this is because the max is determined by population, and we've lost a bunch to various forms of death recently.)

Yay, we have more than one friend now.

And here's the map showing where Eagles are. On another note, we should probably patch things up with the Kardarvi eventually - they're too far away for us to raid, but they can still cause annoying events when they curse us and whatnot. Luckily we've mostly left them alone, so it should be easy to end the feud once we have the wealth to sweeten the deal. (in other words: we're not doing this now because we can't afford it.)

Now then, to explore our tula for the first time in a while. There are still lots of goodies lying within!

As your people explore your tula, you find many unusual features. One of these is a cave. The cave is inhabited by large, armored rodents, with huge mouths filled with teeth, each as sharp as a needle. The creatures swarm out of the cave and attack the carls who found the cave, injuring several of them. The people are worried that these creatures will cause more harm.

-Block the cave entrance.
-Find outsiders to exterminate the creatures.
-Order your weaponthanes to exterminate the creatures.
-Shrug and go about your business.

And suddenly, everyone who's played the game groans.

No one will want to marry into our clan if we show ourselves incapable of dealing with a few rodents.

They won't be easily dealt with.

The weaponthanes say that this is a matter for the carls to deal with. They are not rat-catchers.

These things are called Rubble Runners. They multiply like mad and are very dangerous. The only way to get rid of them is to kill each and every one of them.

Why risk getting bitten ourselves, when we can find someone to do it for us?

The carls say that this is a killing matter, and thus the responsibility of the weaponthanes.

If we had an Eurmal devotee on our ring, we could make use of trickster magic, which can be useful in odd situations like this.